Swanand rocks 3 Idiots


Songs of ‘3 Idiots’ proves to be yet another milestone in lyricists Swanand Kirkire’s musical journey, as critics have given a thumbs-up to the music and have categorically applauded the lyrics of film.

“’3 Idiots’ is just not a comedy film. It is a satire on the contemporary set up of the system and society. I would rather call it a feel good film. I was bearing all this in mind while I was writing songs for it,” shares Swanand.

According to the critics the theme song Aal Izz Well will soon reverberate in campus as anthem. Zoobi Doobi is a retro Bollywood track that draws references from the Shammi Kapoor rock ‘n’ roll era. Behti Hawa is arranged on the semi classical lines of ‘Parineeta’ and Sonu Niigaam has tried to relive the feel of Tanhai with the song Jaane Nahi Denge.

-Sampurn Media

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