Sushant Rajput aka Manav of Pavitra Rishta

Sushant Rajput aka Manav of Pavitra Rishta shares his memorable moment exclusively with Telly Café.

Sushant Rajput aka Manav of Pavitra Rishta-intimate interview
Sushant Rajput aka Manav of Pavitra Rishta shares his memorable moment exclusively with Telly Café.

How is Sushant in real life?

In real life I am exactly opposite to my onscreen character of Manav, but yes I can say that I am the same as in Kis Desh…actually I am very complicated type of guy who doesn’t know what to do next, but after thinking for a while I do land up to the proper decision. Sometimes few situation just makes me blank, thus I get confused with the issue but at the end do get my way right.

What do you like the most to do?

I like driving as I use to drive since my school days. Besides that I like small kids because they don’t speak much. I just hate those people who speak more than wanted. Another thing that makes me annoyed is the hypocrite people, the persons who are not on their word make me go fuming, other wise I like everything.

Which was your unforgettable memory from the days of your school or college?

My college life was not that good as my school life was. I was struggling during my college days. I also joined Shaimak Davar’s dance group for which I had to tour from various places. So I use to hardly attend any classes during my college days. But yes I had my rocking school days, we friends use to travel to Haryana from our school to just have “Aloo ka Paratha” for 4 days a week, this is what my unforgettable memory which will be always among my sweet memories.

How was your journey towards success?

My journey is too long and yet to be achieved. Actually speaking I am no where according to what I have targeted for my life. But being positive, I think I have just started my journey towards success. All I can say is, “Aaj mehnat kar, kal phal milega.”

According to you, what restricts you from attaining your success?

I must not say, but I sleep a lot till late in the afternoon and according to me that is the only thing that restricts me towards my targeted goal. As I sleep more, I feel lazy to do any kind of work and as I don’t do my work, I don’t get what I want, its simple

One thing that your audience don’t know about you?

Actually I was very scholar student who has done his top in engineering. But as I was more interested in acting and this glamour world, I left my house against my parents will and landed in this field. That’s it

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/Sampurn Media

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