Supari Killer-Bengali Play by Biplab Bandyopadhyay (A Look)

Poulami Bose, Supriyo Dutta in Bengali play Supari KillerSept 1, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): ‘Supari Killer‘ is a Bengali play directed by actor-director Biplab Bandyopadhyay with Poulami Bose, Supriyo Dutta in lead roles. The play is presented by the theatre group ‘Prachyo‘, an eminent theatre group from Kolkata.

‘Prachyo’, last year, mesmerized us with another great Bengali play ‘Tritiyo Onko Otoeb’ starring legendary actor Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Dwijen Bandyopadhyay and Poulomi Bose where all three actors portrayed one Soumitra Chattopadhyay. This time ‘Prachyo’ is back with ‘Supari Killer’, a an intense drama written by ace dramatist of our times, Bratyo Basu.

Let’s take a look at the synopsis of the play:

The bustling metropolis of this universe throbs with the relentless and frenzied pace of its daily existence. This inhuman and often degrading struggle for survival to find one’s own foothold, takes the shape of a battle of epic proportions. But this is apparently invisible to the upper echelons of society and in their designer living rooms.

To some, killing each other is the order of the day. Killing oneself ensures the life of the other. The person perceives that he is in a higher, bigger, better place than the other – and will remain so. He believes only he and his creed deserve all the wordly pleasures and the sensual gluttony. If anybody tries to erase this divider and claims for an equal platform, bloodshed and a gang battle awaits him. A systematic annihilation of his entire existence is set in motion where his child disappears, his brother is killed, his mother raped and his home destroyed.

Damayanti, a human being, a woman, our fellow citizen, wants to break down these barriers. And by doing so quite obviously ruffles the feathers of our society’s self proclaimed lord and masters and becomes a target of their disapproval and displeasure which manifests itself in spine chilling oppression. Even her father or her brother is not spared. They hound her at home, at her office, on the streets, in the shopping mall…….…. in every path that she treads, she is marked down by ruthless cunning that aims to preserve the so called power dynamics. She backs away, one step at a time, till she reaches a dead end, a blind alley of despair where life can only be described as an unending ocean of loneliness. The upholders of morality in our society irrespective of their cultural or religious hearings relentlessly try to feed doctrines of tolerence and compassion. With her back against the wall, Damayanti will not be satisfied by just breaking down these barriers. She hires a ‘supari killer’ with the money that she earned by dint of sheer hard work. One by one with extreme professional competence, the hired assassin kills each of the men that Damayanti identifies. After her thirst for revenge is satiated Damayanti wants the death of her tortured soul. She asks Rancho, the assassin to kill her. But he – Rancho – the herbinger of death refuses to comply. Rancho’s life is the life of brutal savagery spent everyday in the bloodthirsty high streets where he knows that death waits at each crossroad either for him or for somebody else. Till he reaches there, the only truth that exists for him or more specifically, that he believes in, is to live life. Rancho, inspite of his profession, desires life. So he talks to Damayanti about living……….but Damayanti, what will she do?


PLAY:                        BRATYO BASU

LIGHT:                      DEEPAK MUKHOPADHYAY

MUSIC:                     DISHARI CHAKRABORTY

SET:                           PARTHA MAJUMDER

 MAKE UP:              SANJAY PAL

COSTUME:             GOPAL PAL





ART:                           NEELAVA CHATTOPADHYAY



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Supari Killer-Bengali Play

(Photos: Prachyo)

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