Sumita Bhattacharya-Producer of Bengali Films

Calcutta Tube talks to Sumita Bhattacharya of B. Sarkar productions, the producer of the upcoming Bengali Movie Angshumaner Chhobi. Her first production was Abar Aranye and recently she produced the Feluda Series films by Sandip Ray. Check out the exclusive interview.

Sumita Bhattacharya-Producer of Bengali Films-Exclusive Interview
Calcutta Tube talks to Sumita Bhattacharya of B. Sarkar productions, the producer of the upcoming Bengali Movie Angshumaner Chhobi. Her first production was Abar Aranye and recently she produced the Feluda Series films by Sandip Ray. Check out the exclusive interview.


Calcutta Tube: We do not have many original movies these days in Bengali because of the risks involved in making them. Most of the Bengali movies are remakes. Angshumaner Chhobi has an original story. Please share your views on risks and remakes?
Sumita Bhattacharya: There are always some risks involved when producing exceptional movies. But we also feel certain responsibilities about making good movies. So we balance the whole thing by making both commercial and non-commercial movies. The non-commercial ones do not always recoup the cost, diversifying in other films kind of evens out. We produce good movies out of our passion. And I think the market for good movies may go up, too. Atanu Ghosh is a good director. But since this is his first movie, there can always be some risks in it. and we have knowingly taken them. We do not have any regrets about it. We are at the same time trying very hard to make the movie successful by doing whatever like publicity etc we can on our parts.

Watch the Trailer of Bengali Film “Angshumaner Chhobi”

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[ReviewAZON asin=”B000V79R6K” display=”inlinepost”]Calcutta Tube: How do you publicize a movie? What is a better medium to use for the publicity of a movie – newspaper, or TV or radio?
Sumita Bhattacharya: Since times have changed, newpapers alone are not enough for the publicity of a movie anymore. People do not have much time for reading newpapers, nor do they always have a lot of reading habits they once did. They only thing we use newspapers for is to announce the names of the movie theatres. Postering is very important for the publicity of a movie. We do a lot campaigning with attractive colorful posters. Another important means of publicity is campaigning on wheels. We also promote the movie in a few particular places. So there are a number of things we do for the publicity of a movie.

Calcutta Tube: How important do you think the electronic media or the websites are for the campaigning a movie?
Sumita Bhattacharya: We do a lot of campaigning in the electronic medium. The promos of our films are shown in different channels and we have our own websites for the publicity of our movies. We are trying to reach out to the audience through every possible medium.

Calcutta Tube: How many prints are you releasing of Angshumaner Chhobi?
Sumita Bhattacharya: We do not have to do much printing since everything is in cube digital format. But we do not yet know the exact number of halls or which movie theatres they are going to be released. I guess on average Angshumaner Chhobi will be released in 12 – 13 movie theatres.

Calcutta Tube: What are your expectations from Angshumaner Chhobi? And who are your target audience for the film?
Sumita Bhattacharya: The target audience for Angshumaner Chhobi is more or less the educated people. But as far the making of goes, Angshumaner Chhobi is brilliant. That is our feed back so far. I think Angshumaner Chhobi will get a very good response from the audience with good tastes, though I guess it will not perform like a commercial one.

Calcutta Tube: Have you ever thought of releasing Bengali movies abroad?
Sumita Bhattacharya: I think that is very important, at least for the good movies. I arranged some film festivals in ‘Banga Sammelan‘ in the USA before. I am still trying to arrange showing Angshumaner Chhobi with a few other good films in the form of a festival in different cities in the USA on the weekends. It may help recouping a portion of the making cost. It will also develop a market for the good movies which will eventually make investments easier. I am also trying to do this in London. Movies always have charms on big screen.We may also sell the movies online.

Calcutta Tube: What are the other movies that you have produced?
Sumita Bhattacharya: We are in business since 2003 and our first venture was ‘Abar Aranye’ by director Gautam Ghosh. We have also produced ‘Kailash-e Kelenkari’ and  ‘Tintorettor Jishu’ of  the ‘Felu-da Series’. We have also produced some commercial movies.

Interview by: Ankan Basu, CT Journalist, USA

Write up by: Shrabanti Basu, CT Journalist, USA

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  1. “anshumaner chhobii”- amar valo legechhe!
    protyekei jathajoto ovinoy korechhen….Indraneel da k bengali flim- e dekhe khub valo laglo….Tota da superb…tobe kichhu jaygay Indrani mam k amar valo lageni (eta akantoi amar mot)
    anjana di na thaklew khub 1ta kharap ki hoto?????????…..jai hok 1ta jinis jeta amar khub valo legechhe , seta holo choto pordar onek chena mukher osadharon kichhu tukro ovinoy…ja mon k chuye jay!
    Director- r kachhe amar binito abedon Anshumaner porer chobi jano taratari mukti pay……somsto flim unit k advance suvechya janalam….sokkole khub valo thakben……

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