Subhasis Mukherji plays negative character in Gorosthaney Sabdhan


January 23, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Subhasis Mukherji is popular in the Bengali film industry for his comic roles and comic timings. But in Sandip Ray’s ‘Gorosthaney Sabdhan’ he was seen portraying a negative character, perhaps for the first time. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra chats up with the actor on his character and experiences while working in the ‘Feluda’ movie. Excerpts.

How was your experience working with director Sandip Ray?

It was great. I enjoyed a lot while working. This was the first time I was working with Sandip Ray in his Feluda series. But earlier I had worked in ‘Satyajiter Galpo’ in television. Really, it is too tough for me to express the feelings.

Did you enjoy playing a role different from the ones you generally do?

I always like to do characters like this. First, it was ‘Herbert’, now in this one. People are seeing me performing negative role for the first time. Truly, it was a great experience. I am thankful to Babuda (Sandip Ray) for casting me in this role. And when I will get another opportunity to do play such a role, completely different from the ones I play, I will surely pounce upon it (laughing).

We have heard that working with Babuda is like working in a family. Did you feel the same?

It is unexplainable. It is truly like working in a family. We all enjoyed every day of shooting.

Which is your favourite Feluda novel?

All of them are great. I have read all of them. Truly, it is hard to choose one. I will stick to the point that I love do read all of them.

Will you work in the Feluda series in future, if you get the opportunity again?

Definitely, I will work in the Feluda series if I get the chance to work.

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