Subhashree – Exclusive Interview

Subhashree wanted to be an air hostess and fly in the clouds. She becomes a star where sky is the limit. Listen to Subhashree live with CalcuttaTube for an exclusive interview. She will be seen opposite to Dev in “Challenge” by Raj Chakraborty. We wish her a long successful journey in her career.

Subhashree wanted to be an air hostess and fly in the clouds. She becomes a star where sky is the limit. Listen to Subhashree live with CalcuttaTube for an exclusive interview. She will be seen opposite to Dev in “Challenge” by Raj Chakraborty. We wish her a long successful journey in her career.

Subhashree with DEV
Subhashree with DEV
Subhashree - Exclusive Interview
Subhashree - Exclusive Interview
Listen to the Exclusive Interview with Subhashree at CalcuttaTube
Interviewed by: Ankan Basu
Write up: Shrabanti Basu
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CalcuttaTube: Please tell me something about your background. Are you the first one from your family to come to the film industry or did you have a filmy background?

Shubhoshree: I am the first person from my family to come to the cinema industry. No one else had thought of taking up acting as a career. However, my elder sister has inspired me a lot to enter the glamor world, espcially become an actress. I took part in the Anandalok Fare Award competition in search of new talents where I was the winner.  That first brought me to the attention of Prabhat da (Director Prabhat Roy) who offered me a role in his movie “Pitri Bhoomi“. Since then, I have worked in “Baaji Maat”, “Challenge”……..

CalcuttaTube: Please tell us about the role you played in “Challenge“. It is going to be released on ‘Poila Boishakh’ I believe.

Shubhoshree: I cannot say much about the story itself and my role is not that special, too. It is about a very innocent girl whose world has always revolved around her parents. In spite of being attached to her family, she discovers in her youth that certain feelings and relationships exist beyond the family boundaries. But her father is very possessive about her. Anyone trying to be close to her gets  brutally punished or killed by her father. The girl feels guilty and sad about that. She waits for someone special to come to her life who can tactfully handle her father. And one day that special someone does come to her life, and sets the poor girl free from her over possessive family. That role is played by Dev……..

CalcuttaTube: So it is a blend of love and action………….

Shubhoshree: Yes, it is.

CalcuttaTube: Is “Chanllenge” your second film or third?

Shubhoshree: It is actually my fourth film. After “Pitri Bhoomi“, I have worked in a Oriya film. It was my debut film as a heroine. I did not do the dubbing, though. After that, came Haranath Chakroborty’s “Baaji Maat“. And the latest one is “Challenge“.

CalcuttaTube: Have you ever gone to any acting schools? They have a few acting schools in Kolkata these days.

Shubhoshree: I have never been to any acting schools. I just took the fifteen-day acting training that was organized by the Anandalok…….

CalcuttaTube: Have you ever worked in  the theatre, or jatra? I mean, did you have experience in acting in any form at all?

Shubhoshree: Not at all.

CalcuttaTube: Do you think it is necessary to have some experience in acting? Or is helpful to attend an acting school?

Shubhoshree: I personally think that acting is something that is inborn. It has to be within you and cannot be taught. Some of the techniques like delivering your dialogues, the way you speak, your way of looking at the camera, your actions, can be taught. But you have to be gifted with a minimum ability of acting. I think an acting school definitely helps.

CalcuttaTube: What kind of roles do you like to do? Do you have a dream role?

Shubhoshree: I want to do a wide variety of roles. Right now, I do not have a dream role.

CalcuttaTube: How do choose your roles? Do you emphasize on the characters, or choose to work with a director?

Shubhoshree: First, I listen to the story. In fact, I have had a lot more offers after I did “Pitri Bhoomi”. But I am selective about the roles I do. Since, I am doing commercial films mostly, I give importance to the story. I also try to know the importance of my character in the film. The directors I am working with is also important to me.

CalcuttaTube: Are you thinking of working in parallel films too?

Shubhoshree: Not at this very moment. But if I get an interesting role, and i like the story, production, or get to work with a good director I might give it a second thinking.

CalcuttaTube: You have aworked in an Oriya film. Are you thinking of working in other regional films, or in Bollywood Hindi films?

Shubhoshree: The Oriya movie I have worked in was produced by the biggest production house of the Oriya film industry. If I get a good offer like that from any other film industries, I will definitely think of working there.

CalcuttaTube: Are you from originally from Calcutta? Do you watch the recent Bengali films?

Shubhoshree: I am originally from Burdwan. There was a time when I never cared much about Bengali films. But these days I always excited about watching Bengali films as I am a part of  the Bengali film industry. I have the recent releases like “Chirodin-ee Tumi Je Amar”, “Mon Maane Naa”, “Chiro Sathi” in the movie theatres. I am also trying to catch up with the older ones that I have not seen before. I try to watch them older at home. Over all, I am watching a lot of Bengali films.

CalcuttaTube: Who are you favorite actors and actresses?

Shubhoshree: My favorite actor is Shah Rukh Khan………..

CalcuttaTube: That is in Bollywood. Please tell me in context of the Bengali cinema.

Shubhoshree: My idol is Aparna Sen and I am a big fan of Uttam Kumar. Though I have not yet watched all the films by them. I am in the industry for just two years. So I have not had spent enough time in the industry to watch all of the old films. I also enjoy watching the art films that are now being made like “Anuronon“. I have also enjoyed “Paromitar Ekdin“. I like to see the works of Bumba da (Prosenjit). Jeet is also a very good actor. I like all the actors and actresses. There is no one that I don’t like or someone special that I can mention in particular. I have worked with Jeet. He is extremely nice. When I worked with him, I was a newcomer and he was already a star, but he extremely nice to me. Dev and Soham are very nice, too.

CalcuttaTube: Have you worked with the older generation, like Dipankar Dey, Soumitra Chatterjee?

Shubhoshree: Yes, I certainly have. In “Pitri Bhoomi” I have worked with Dipankar da, he played the role my uncle. I have also worked with Arun Bandopadhyay, Shakuntala Barua, Lily Chakraborty in my debut film. Irrespective of being stars, they are all so nice and sober and were extremely helpful to a new comer like me all thoughout the movie. It was all their help that even without having any previous experience in acting, I won the Anandalok Award for the newcomer category for my role in “Pitri Bhoomi”.

CalcuttaTube: I sometimes hear that the sinior junior relationship is not that easy. Or the newcomers do not always give proper respect to the senior actors. Have you ever felt anything of that sort?  Or have you always had a smooth relationship with the senior actors?

Shubhoshree: I have always got help from my senior co actors. I think it is your attitude towards the seniors that matters. If you are humble and respectful towards them, they help you in every way they can. You have to be polite and ask for help, as a newcomer should, from the experienced actors. They are all great actors and you have to make a place in their hearts. You cannot be rude to someone and expect nice things in return.

CalcuttaTube: Have you ever had training in dance or music?

Shubhoshree: I have had my training in BharatNatyam when I was in Burdwan. I never had any training here in Calcutta. But, I have never learnt how to sing.

CalcuttaTube: What do you do for physical fitness? Are you on a diet?

Shubhoshree: Dieting does not necessarily mean starving. I consult my doctor for for my diet. But I certainly have to watch what I eat, and it is very important because there is so much competition these days. I also go to a gym.

CalcuttaTube: You have worked with Dev, Soham, and with Anubhab in the Oriya film. Who else do would you like to work with? Or who do you thnk is very talented?

Shubhoshree: I think they all have done more movies and have more experience than I do. So, I am not worthy of being a judge of their talents. Since, Bittu is in the film industry from a very young age, he is very potential actor. I liked Anubhab, too. And Dev was extremely nice to me from the very first day in many ways.

CalcuttaTube: How do you spend your leisure? Do you have any hobbies?

Shubhoshree: I love to listen to music. Dance is my passion. The natual knack for dance runs in my blood. Everyone in my family can dance so naturally and convincingly that you cannot tell that they have never any formal training in dancing. You may be under the false impression that they are dancing for years. I also like to travel. Again, reading story books is my another passion. Sometimes, I can get distracted by other things and that hampers my reading. But, I am thinking of paying more attentin to my reading habits. And the rest of the time I watch lots and lots of films. We live in a joint family in Burdwan. So, when I go to see them I forget everything else and just spend the whole time in chatting with all my cousins. And time files.

CalcuttaTube: Do you have any siblings?

Shubhoshree: I just have an elder sister. But taking all my cousins, we are 16 sisters, and  8 brothers.

CalcuttaTube: When is your birthday?

Shubhoshree: 3rd November.

CalcuttaTube: Tell me something about fans.

Shubhoshree: I often get phone calls from my fans. Most of them are not very interesting, though. I think that I will make more of my fans after “Challenge” gets released. I might have to change my phone number then.

CalcuttaTube: I think that “Chanllenge” is going to be a good movie. After all, it is a movie by Raj Chakroborty.

Shubhoshree: Yes, I too think so.

CalcuttaTube: How frequently do you use the internet? Do you have an e-mail id or use the Orkut or the Face Book?

Shubhoshree: I do have an e-mail id. But I do not use the Orkut or the Face Book at all. I really do not believe in that kind friendships at all. It is the way I think right now. It views may change with time. Or if I start using a laptop, I may browse through those sites some day.

CalcuttaTube: What are the other films you are working in right now?

Shubhoshree: Right now, I am working only in “Challenge“. I have signed a contract with the Venkatesh Films, so I am not working with anyone else. I may get some more offers from them after we are finished with “Challenge“, but I am not sure.

CalcuttaTube: Thank you so much for your time.

Shubhoshree: Thank you, too.

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