Subhajit Roy on Bengali Movie ‘Chaplin’ (Interview)

'Chaplin' Bengali Movie Press Meet - Subhajit Roy, Srijit Mukherjeem Debesh ChatterjeeAugust 3, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Subhajit Roy is  one of the two brains behind Orion Entertainment which, they claim, is a 360-degree new age entertainment platform that promises to offer a variety of entertainment programmes in all formats – music, feature films, television content, digital business, lifestyle, reality and youth oriented shows, short films, documentaries, corporate films and audio-visual commercials. The other brain is Purnendu Roy, a doctor by profession also interested in the business of entertainment. It steps into feature films with its first ambitious project, Chaplin scheduled to release across West Bengal on August 27. Chaplin has been acquired by Databazaar Media Ventures that is planning to screen the film in North America and Canada soon.

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[ReviewAZON asin=”B0051233MY” display=”inlinepost”]Beginning with Chaplin, what kind of feature films is Orion Entertainment looking at?

We are not aspiring to be a big banner at all. We are looking at content-driven films that would not demand a big budget or bank on big star faces. Chaplin has proved this following the tremendous success of similar films released recently like Ranjana Ami Aar Ashbona and Icche. These two films are strong on storyline and not very big in terms of budget.

What is it that attracted Orion to produce Chaplin?

Bengali cinema has often explored the finer nuances of a mother-daughter or mother-son relationship. But a father-son relationship has hardly graced the Bengali screen. Chaplin deals with a strikingly unusual story about a father and his son where a close friendship overshadows their daily problems like extreme poverty and the struggle for existence.

How did you chance upon the story?

Padmanava Dasgupta, who has written the story and the script, came to us with around six to seven scripts to glance through. Let me say that I literally snatched the script of Chaplin form him and I am happy to have done that right then. We dedicated the film to Charles Spencer Chaplin as a tribute to this immortal master whose life resembles, in a humble and small way, the life of our hero Bangshi Das who barely ekes out a living out of performance along the lines of the great master.

Is Orion Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. happy with the final product?

Yes, of course we are very happy. We consider it an honour to have shared the joy of having participated actively in the making of a good film. We believe it will become a catalogue film in the annals of Bengali cinema that will have archival value. I can say that it is a complete film with wonderful performances, very good music, significant lyrics and brilliant cinematography. We are eagerly looking forward to the film’s release.

-Shoma A. Chatterji

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