Style Diva 2010: most stylish women of Kolkata during the Durga Puja season

Lakme Sananda Style Diva in Kolkata 5
Lakme Sananda Style Diva in Kolkata 5

Kolkata, Sept 28, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS):  Sananda magazine and Lakme cosmetics on Tuesday launched a beauty pageant for the women of Kolkata, titled ‘Style Diva 2010’.

The initiative by Sananda magazine and Lakme cosmetics marked the fourth year of  the ‘hunt for the most stylish and fashion-centric women of Kolkata during the Durga puja season’, said the organisers.

“Our magazine focuses a lot on fashion and we have our own beauty pageants. This is part of a plan to expand the reach and bring the fashion to the daily women of the city,” said a Sananda editor.

The contest invited all women above 18, to any one of their centres that will open up ahead and during the Durga puja next month. Participants will be screened and groomed and 3 winners will be chosen out of 10 finalists.

The inauguration party was followed by a models flaunting some of the styles by city-based designers geared for the festive season.

Designers Paramita Banerjee, Abhishek Dutta and Soumitro Mondal showed of their designs, which had earlier received “rave reviews” at different Lakme fashion events.

“The attire you saw came from my fall-winter collection. It’s a very ‘nawabi’ kind of a design, done entirely on handloom fabrics. I find the fabric very versatile,” said Paramita.

She said her design came for a very “ethnic-contemporary” collection and therefore was very adaptable and wearable during the festive season.

Abhishek said, “My dress that was showcased today is based one-hundred percent on organic fabrics and colours. It’s a protest against industrial dies and therefore it’s entirely white.”

He said that combined with a high-fashion makeup and styling, the look was a very quite high-end and an unique one.

Designer Soumitro asserted that his attire, which came from his autumn-winter collection and featured earthy colours, flaunted a very casual look in a stylish way.

“I don’t believe fashion is for a few hours. I think it should last till the end of the day. Therefore I have kept the design casual and based entirely on Khadi fabrics,” he said.

Model Lisa Hayden, fresh from her stint as an actor in the movie Aisha, also showed up at the event and introduced a gypsy look to the city fashionistas.

Beauty expert Clint Fernandes who worked on the project said, “It’s like a collection that has travelled the world over and various things that were picked up on the journey were included in the design.”

Lisa said, “I love the density, the honesty and the ‘true-ness’ of the colours. I think it is perfect for celebration and festivity.”

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