Student Number One (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

Rudraneel Ghosh in 'Student Number One' Bengali MovieSept 12, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Student Number One is a 2011 Bengali movie directed by Shankar Roy with Sayak, Paromita, Tapas Pal, Rudraneel Ghosh and others in the cast. Read the Bengali film review at Calcutta Tube.


Presented by: Channel Eight

Produced by: Ashok Surana

Direction: Shankar Roy

Music: Shyam Patro

Screenplay: Debashish Basu

Cast: Sayak, Paromita, Tapas Pal, Kharaj Mukherjee, Bodhisattwa Majumdar, Anuradha Roy, Rudraneel Ghosh

Rating: 01/10

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[ReviewAZON asin=”B004MS75MM” display=”inlinepost”]One does not know whether the production house, Channel Eight which made its name through some really good television serials to get a solid footing, is making films for a target audience of just ten or twenty people scattered scarcely across Bijoli theatre and the other theatres in the same chain or not. But one does know that Student Number One is one film where the very word ‘student’ is a misconception because there are no students in this college at all. The mafia leader of the goon-like students portrayed by Rudraneel Ghosh has made his own rules and virtually runs what was once a college. Right now, the principal is held on ransom, no classes are held and the girls and boys do nothing but wander aimlessly across the lustrous gardens that comprise part of the college campus.

Our hero with slanted blue eyes and an effeminate look is Rahul (Sayak) who keeps persuading everyone to allow him to study because “I have been able to come here after along struggle’ he keeps on saying. But we do not see him noticing that studies are the last thing on the agenda of this institution and everyone has a gala time singing, dancing and making merry while the character played by Rudraneel calls the shots. There are too many songs and dances that are executed very badly and are an eyesore but sadly, a movie does not put a remote in your hand for you to switch channels. The loud decibels will not allow you to go to sleep either. Paromita has a soft corner for Rahul but is shaken when he tells them after having bashed up Rudraneel that he has killed and can kill again. Now the story takes an unusual twist.

He is a prisoner in a jail very close to the college and goes back to jail after college is over. But no classes are held so why does he come at all? Privately held public examinations are an entity the producer, director and scriptwriter have never heard of. The kind-hearted jailor (Tapas Pal) violates the rules of an Indian prison by letting out Rahul every day to attend an apology of a college and his father to pray at the temple! Yes, every word I write here is the absolute truth! Needless to mention that Rahul’s ‘killing’ of a boy who was trying to rape a girl was an accident and his father’s bribe-taking was a cooked up thing. Rudraneel promises to help Rahul in proving his innocence. Rahul performs a miracle by becoming a good lawyer without having attended a single lecture and finally, he proves his innocence as well as his father’s. Paromita as Ria, Rahul’s girlfriend is terrible to look at and does not know the ‘a’ of acting so ‘b’ and ‘c’ can go take a walk! So why am I rating this with one point at all? Because Rudraneel’s love-lorn act is the only saving grace of the film but its standard is keeping with the rest of the film. Yet, those moments provide a little bit of fun and amusement in a film that is a horror film in a different sense of the genre.

– Shoma A. Chatterji

2 thoughts on “Student Number One (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

  1. I can not aggree with Shoma.First of all the film is the debut film of Paromita.So Knowing “A” “B” “C” of acting takes time.As per my short Knowledge “acting ” is something that takes can not be learnt within couple of days.Long experience, good teacher/director and hard work makes a “GOOD ACTOR”. So a elderly and experienced critic like you should understand and motivate new actors to do hard work so that we can get good actors like Rudranil Ghosh in comming days.Rudra was not made in 1 movie but with lots of acting oppurtunities has sharpened Rudranil as good actor.
    Now lets me tell you regarding looks.Paromita – A fresh faces , a toned beautiful figure , good height.Not a typical bengali heroine with lots of fabs in waist , short height.We can welcome her as a fresh air in tollywood who can give toss to bollywood (if given chance).So that with her sharpen acting capability and beauty we do not have to export beauties from bollywood neither have to have to take long breathes that bollywood actors are much more beautiful than ours.

    Regarding Sayak.When tollywood appreciates green eyed super hero of bollywood then why sayak’s green eyes criticized here.Without Sayak’s acting capability Rudranil couldn’t have done justice to his comic scenes .Again the hero has height; Physic.Only thing he requies is a bit grooming.
    All the actors has justified their characters.About story.Some part is unbelievable but we have to accept that as this ia a commercial film not a hard core documentary.This films should have used modern picture effects ;.In one word making of the film should haven been more glamorous.

  2. Hello Ms. Chatterjee,

    I am writing this comment since your above post has provoked my understanding of the freedom of speech so generously granted to us by our constitutional frame work. I am not an avid follower of bengali cinema – and so will not comment on the script or how the film shapes out. Instead, I shall restrict myself to what I do undersrand from your writing. These are my observations:

    1. You choice of words trashes actors over their physical characteristics as opposed to the characters they portray. For eg., you say and I quote “Paromita looks terrible”. Here you are not attributing the comment to her physical features. Did you realize your personal opinion expressed on a public forum can be construed to be malicious and hence you could be sued for Defamation???

    2. Forgive me for saying this but the bengali film industry seems to be heavily fominated by Shree Venkatesh Films. During my month long vacation in kolkata, all the tc space on Sangeet Bangla seemed to be eeserved for their movies. I later came to know that the channel has links to the aforementioned house. Your review of this movie (and also the timing- 10 days after release) makes me wonder if you have personal reasons to trash the movie??? I heard that the movie is already into its 3rd week…so are you also suggesting the people watching it should be rated “MINUS ONE”???

    Am not writing this post to find negatives. I would only like to re-state the well known phrase – with freedom comes responsibility. Use your freedom to write in a more judicious way.



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