Strumming heartstrings!


The man who brings to life myriad instruments with his magical fingers and the woman instrumental in making the musical journey of his life melodious, came together in a unique concert at Ravindra Natya Mandir on Nov 29 to bring to life some of the most popular numbers of this music maestro. We are talking about the evergreen Bhupinder Singh and his wife Mitali who held the audience more than just spellbound with their musical concert ‘Lets Go Legend Naam Gum Jayega’.

The event transported the audiences to a different era altogether. Bhupinder, easily RD Burman’s favorite singer and musician who played any instrument with dexterity and ease, also took to playing the guitar to ‘Chura Liya Hai Tumne’ on stage in the concert organized by music aficionados Ketki and Manish, the concert also saw RD Burman’s veteran keyboard player Kersi Lad present to cheer Bhupinder and Mitali in their endeavor. The musicians were also veterans from the era, adding to the old-world charm.

“What added more beauty to the concert was that the audience simply loved the interesting anecdotes from Bhupinderji’s life that lent a newer meaning to the songs. Many stories were new and unheard of and Bhupinder and Mitali loved sharing them as much with the audiences,” explains Manish.

Of course they would. With Mitali reminding Bhupinder of the time he cured a sore throat with six ice creams before a recording to Bhupinder retorting with musician should have the heart for music. It has nothing to do with food. If he doesn’t eat, how will he sing!” to cute tidbits about Khayyam, RD and Jaidev among others.

RJ Karan Singh essayed his role of MC with aplomb. All in all, a musical experience worth every melodious moment!

-Sampurn Media

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