Straight lines, light materials in fashion: Home Decor

minimal furnitureMarch 2 , 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): People these are going for light materials, and straight lines. No longer popular are heavy tapestry, furniture, or intricate artifacts.

Remember those elaborate Hindi film sets of the 1960s replete with king-size beds and carpers, intricately worked furniture  and heavy drapery which many thought, and imitated, as the ‘ideal’ home decor? Or lovers of Victorian novels who tried to transport the ambience of English countryside house to Indian soil?  Well, like other things, home décor has also gone through a transformation in the past few years. Simplicity, facility and utility have quietly made an entrance as a mantra of home décor today.


Home is where people  return to for rejuvenation after a hectic day’s work, a place that acts like a balm on the frayed nerves. But most of the times we are so involved with our daily routine, whether it be work,  chores and the like, that we forget to notice our homes and treat it like a guest house. Pause a little and you  will notice clutter, a careless décor that can act as  irritants and rob you of a sense of peace and restfulness in the most important corner in your life.


Today, adjusting to hectic pace of life people want to relax at home.  This need reflects in today’s interiors. Modern décor  experts understand these requirements and ensure a clean line with straight-lined furniture and less fussy setting. Heavy archaic Victorian legs for the table, intricately worked Baroque ceilings- all are a no-no in a modern home.


Thus  opulent décor has given way to a minimalist  theme. Small rugs are doing away with heavy carpets and upholstery. Light dreamy curtains that float freely in the breeze in the background facilitate a clean space and bring in a general air of lightness to one’s homes.


“I was ruled by a big and beautiful carpet which could only be placed in one particular angle because of its size. Oh, I felt so bullied by it! So I gave it to an auction house and am happier now with a new colourful small rug”, beams Madhuri Sapru, a homemaker from  Mumbai.


“Why have carpets when these days you get a stunning variety of vitrified tiles, handcrafted tiles, wood and marble combinations , wooden laminated floors – all so beautiful to touch and to look at and so easy to keep clean too?” wonders  Ekta Sheshadari of Mumbai.


Relaxation, convenience and comfort are the buzz words today and if these three combine to create beauty and style then you have mastered the art.


The market is aware of this need as palatial bungalows have given way to small and compact flats where only this much and no more can be accommodated.


minimal furnitureTo live in style and comfort but to balance both in a space of 1000 sq feet need great planning. Collection I, a furniture outlet in Kolkata has a wide range of home accessories and furnishing material  that, is light and trendy and has a funky charm too. ‘Style Spa’ and  ‘Giani’- two well known furniture outlets in Kolkata have  light  and fashionable Italian furniture with a futuristic feel . ‘Home and Us’, another outlet in Kolkata boasts of light wrought iron furniture combined with wood and ceramic tiles.


Evok, a home fashion mega store of Delhi, has a collection of straight-line furniture range that incorporates glass-front panels and mirrored cabinet doors. Similarly Friuli furniture in Bangalore does not store loud and bulky designs at all . “We are into slender, clear and smart cuts synonymous with straight line furniture as this is in great demand,” they say.


Smita Bagri of Kolkata is single and stays in a flat that measures 850 sq ft. Entering her flat one is amazed to encounter an ambience of space. Sliding doors, French windows, the behind-the-door storing racks, large mirrors, all are designed to give a spacious feel. The furniture is cane and rattan, the beds are queen sized wrought iron and wood combinations, and there are niches in the walls to serve as shelves for books and other artefacts.


Straight  lines for a sleek look is defined as managing space with functionality in mind. Manoj Mishra of Posture, a lifestyle outlet in Kolkata finds that. “Simplicity in interiors is the most complicated and is difficult to achieve. A  casual sitting area, informal but conducive to conversation and cheer, eliminates harsh colours ,complicated designs and curves , instead you need a setting that ensures  openness both in conversation and  comfort .”.

Today, wall cabinets, wardrobes, beds, dining tables, sofa sets, living room furniture – all are styled in such a way that the designer cuts on size and adds on utility . This minimalist straight-line furniture look is the first focus of any interior décor in times of space crunch and frenzied lifestyle. Reflective mirrors and floor-to-ceiling mirrors form an integral part of light  décor  as they render a sense of space.
The cabinets and wardrobes are fitted with sliding doors to further conserve the space required for pull open doors.

Experts  help whenever the clients want optimum utilisation of space minus fuss, especially true in the case of kitchens and bathrooms .Modular kitchens that are scientific are based on functional practicality  and have given Indian kitchens a great sense of style and comfort to the home-owner. So are bathrooms with customised shower cubicles that maximize space and ensure comfort.


Minimum for maximum satisfaction, that’s the catchword in home décor today.

Anju Munshi

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