Stars speak of who’s the modern day Ravana?


Today its victory of good over evil! The celebration of Navratri with garba-dandiya at last ends with “Dushera” which means the end of all evils. We all know that Dashera marked the victory of Lord “Ram” over evil spirit Ravana along with the death of demon “Mahishasur” by goddess “Kalika”. As our society is also facing evilness in various forms, we tried to ask our smalls screen celebs that who according to them is evil like “Ravana” or “Mahishasur” in this modern world.

Dilip Joshi: I think Corruption is the biggest Ravan of our modern kalyug. We always hear the word chai pani (Bribe) often at almost all places.

Sudha Chandran: Terrorism is the only Ravana of modern world and government needs to stop talking about the issue and pull up their socks and start implementing on the decisions taken.

Karan Mehra: We should stop feeding Kasab he is the biggest Mahishasur. Also there is lack of education which is a problem that contributes to terrorism.

Karan Kundra: According to me politicians are the only Ravan of our democratic country. They are the dirtiest

Himani Shivpuri: I think Ravan and Mahishasur is in each and every person. Whatever or whoever is evil is today’s Ravana, even a guy who rapes girl is a demon.

Chandana Sharma: As I am an animal lover, All the people who are cruel to animals and fail to understand that even they have right to live are demon.

Our society has many problems to be solved out and many Ravanas to fight with. Hope next Dushera brings some relief by killing these practices in the society. But for now, Happy Dushera! to all our readers…

Chandana H Buch/Tellycafe

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