Starry Wishes wait for Lord Ganesh!

Flowers, garlands, bhajans, loudspeakers, decorations, offerings, and lots of wishes. Yes! It’s our Ganeshotsav that always promises to bring in cheers, excitement, happiness, and above all, hopes in our lives.

Before Ganesh chaturthi lord Ganesh must not be that busy, but after the arrival of his festival, it must be a difficult task for him to handle the devotees.

Well that’s because, with the devotees comes in a long list of “WISHES”! We all wish and pray to him for our wellbeing and for many more wishes, in a hope that they will be fulfilled. Cause Ganpati bappa never leaves anyone empty handed on his birthday!

This time along with the common people our Tele Stars also revealed their wishes before the arrival of Ganeshji. Lets hope Ganpati showers them with blessing and fulfill their wishes.

Here are some Starry wishes waiting for Lord Ganesh!

Harsha Khandeparkarr: God bless everyone, but he should bless me first. Also, I want to thank him for giving me everything.

Abhishek Rawat: Let there be peace all around. I feel festivals are not for wishes, but for celebrations, and happiness for people to come together and enjoy together.

Dimple Jhangani: I don’t want any luxuries, but only good health and happiness for all, especially for my family. As their health, is my happiness! For myself, I would ask Lord Ganesh to grant me the wish to get married to the one whom I love most.

Arjun Bijlani: I would wish from him to keep us happy in the coming years, as he did in the past, and also keep all of us in good health.

Sneha Wagh: Well I have a wish, but it’s very secret and I would only tell it to Lord Ganesh.

Well we too hope and wish lord Ganesha brings in love, happiness and peace to this world.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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