Spoiling an item song for LSD?


It would require a lot of effort to make a class item number and it would require double the effort to make a terrible one!

Don’t believe us? Read on…

Dibakar Banerjee of Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye fame had quite a task at hand to shoot a below average item number for his forthcoming release Love Sex aur Dhokha.

Reveals a source, “Dibakar had to shoot his first ever commercial item song and to his dismay had to shoot it in a rough manner as the script required it. The protagonist of the film is a student shooting his own version of a music video and hence the video and song had to be very average and at a student’s level.”

Adds the source, “When filming the song a conscious effort was made to involve mistakes. The songs has now turned out just the way Dibakar and the creative directors have imagined it.”

Perfection in imperfection it seems…

-Sampurn Media

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