Spin Master Baqar launches India’s first ever Spinning Shoes


Mumbai, May 19, 2009: Baqar Nasser’s Topspin India Healthcare Pvt. Ltd takes immense pride in announcing the opening of their new branch at True Fitness Crystal Point Mall, Andheri-Link Road (W) and launch of the first ever spinning shoes in India. .Topspin which has successfully revolutionized the face of cardio fitness training in India is set to spin the members at True Fitness by offering its services at the lavish 60, 000 sq ft wellness and lifestyle centre. As an added incentive Topspin launched its specially designed Topspin Shoes for the members of True Fitness exclusively available at the facility.

The launch witnessed a demo class by the spin master Baqar Nasser the Director of Topspin India Healthcare Pvt Ltd. in the presence of Neil Nitin Mukesh and Madhur Bhandarkar.

Popularly known as ‘Spin Master Baqar’, young and vibrant Baqar Nasser has been running Topspin, the Spinning Studio in Mumbai for nearly five years and is upbeat about the future of this new workout regime.

Mr. Baqar Nasser, Director, Topspin India Healthcare Pvt Ltd., said “Spinning is one of the most effective and energetic forms of exercise that has achieved success at an international platform. With the introduction of spinning at True Fitness, the members will witness tremendous health benefits because it is not only an ultimate calorie-burning regime but is also a completely exciting workout compared to any other form of cardio fitness.”

Topspin has introduced around 25 spinning bikes and will organize. Three instructors will be at the job everyday to make the True Fitness members spin to the fluctuating and heart pumping tunes which would be hard to resist.  -Sampurn Media

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