Speak Out Debate 2010: Rizwanur, Rouvan-Moon Moon Sen, Suman Chattopadhyay

Kolkata, Oct 26, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): From eminent politicians like Trinamool Congress leader Saugata Roy to bengali film actor Moon Moon Sen and media personalities like Suman Chattopadhyay, expressed their views on the topic at the ‘Speak Out Debate 2010’ organized by popular Indian magazine house ‘Outlook’, here on Tuesday. It was an evening with a difference in Kolkata as prominent personalities of the city debated on two controversial ‘suicides’-of Muslim youth Rizwanur Rahman and eighth-standard student Rouvanjit Rawla, and the role media.

“There is no wrong in putting up Rizwanur case or highlighting the cause, Mamata (Banerjee, Trinamool chief) and media was right in pursuing the Rizwanur case,” Minister of State for Urban development Saugata Roy remarked.

“Rizwanur case and Singur and Nandigram case had given TMC (Trinamool Congress) a face lift, Rizwanur provided the opportunity to come close to minority community and they exploited the opportunity,” Suman Chattopadhyay, editor of Ekdin newspaper, said at the event.

“Mamata highlighted the issue properly,” he said.

Rizwanur, a computer graphics teacher was found dead near railway tracks in Dumdum area of Kolkata on September 21, 2007, just a month after his marriage on August 18, 2007, to Priyanka Todi, daughter of industrialist Todi.

Todi, owner of the Rs 200-crore Lux Cozi hosiery brand, his brother Pradip and brother in-law Anil Sarogi are accused in the case along with senior IPS officers then serving in the Kolkata Police.

Professor Bula Bhadra took the entire debate to a new level as she pointed out the problem of corporal punishment that still haunts Indian education system, in the context of the tragic Rouvan Rawla death incident.

“Our political parties are much less bothered about people below eighteen as they do not vote, so they did not up take Rouvan’s case,” she said.

Rouvanjit had hanged himself on February 12 this year and his parents have alleged that their son was driven to the extreme step after being repeatedly subjected to humiliation at the hands of the teachers at his school-La Martiniere for Boys.

“We are concerned about children not about votes, corporal punishment is a serious matter,” Saugata Roy replied in response to Bula Bhadra’s opinion.

“We think that in a democratic society, all age groups have a role to play. As politicians we did not fail in Rouvan’s case or overreact in Rizwanur’s issue,” he added.

Despite the differences in their opinions relating to this highly debated topic, the speakers agreed that media in the present society has played a crucial role in highlighting the important incidents to the society.

However, they also agreed to the fact that competition to catch eye-balls and the need to gain more and more Television Rating Points (TRP) has made media pass sensational items in the society and often do not maintain the ‘follow-ups’ of those incident once the sensation concerning the issue dies down.

“Press is often sensational and cheap,” said actress Moon Moon Sen, who was present at the venue as one of the speakers.

The debate was conducted by Indian media group ‘Outlook’ as a part of their 15th anniversary celebration, in association with Beam Global’s Teachers.

The series of such debates are being organized by the group in various cities of India like Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Each city will have a different topic which is related to that particular city.

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