South East Asian Curry Festival in Kolkata

Currying a taste of South East Asia
(IBNS): To add more festive mood to the Bengali New Year, The Wall, Kolkata’s fine dining Pan-Asian restaurant, is bringing the exotic flavours from all across the South East Asia at the South East Asian Curry Festival.
 Talking about the aim of the festival, Executive Chef Sushanta Sengupta said: “Every year we introduce something new through the festival, so this time we have focused on curry.”
“We are using variety of ingredients from various countries in the different curries. So the curry is working as a huge joining force between countries,” he added.
Speaking about the cuisine of these regions, he said: “They are colourful, fresh and diverse. From the fiery curries of Thailand to the mild fragrant stews of Vietnam to the intensity of Singaporean and Malaysian sauces, we have it all.”
“Curries from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have a delightfully different flavour due to the incorporation of local ingredients.”
“Lime and lemon grass are often used in curry pastes or powders. Coconut milk is frequently used as a thickener, although contrary to popular opinion not all Thai curries are made with coconut milk! Nuts often make their way into curries and candlenut- a white nut shaped like a walnut or hazelnut- is a popular ingredient in Indonesian and Malaysian curry pastes,” he added.
When asked Sushanta that since dieticians prefer to avoid spicy food in the hot humid weather so how healthy the curries will be, he said: “The food is totally healthy. We are using onion, garlic, turmeric, chilly in the curry and we are regularly using these ingredients in our food here too. And moreover, these are mostly grown in the tropical land. Tropical food suits us.”
The menu for the festival consists of some mouthwatering vegetarian and mom vegetarian preparations.
The name of some of the preparations are Golden Japanese Prawn Curry, Ikan Mas Dengan Rebung, Terong Asam, Ketam Masak Nanas, Devil’s Curry, Gaeng Kua Sapparod, Gaeng Gai Bama, Ayam Gulai Kecap, Golden Japanese Veg Curry, Sayur Lodeh and Chian Mai Rice Stick.
“These curries have been specially designed for this festival but if the feedback is good we will add them in our regular menu,” said Sushanta.
The South East Asian Curry Festival will kick off at The Wall from Apr 6 and will continue till Apr 15.
(Reporting by Tania Roy, images by Avishek Mitra)

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