Soren rules out change in tribal land right acts

Ranchi, March 8 (IANS) Jharkhand Chief Minister Shibu Soren Monday said that no changes would be made in legislations governing the tribal land rights.

‘There is no move to make any amendments in the existing two acts formulated to protect the land right of the tribals,’ Soren said while replying to a query by a Congress legislator in the state assembly.

Last week Soren reportedly said that amendments would be made in the Chhota Nagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act.

In Jharkhand, there are two acts which protect the land rights of the tribal people. One Act is the CNT and the other is Santhal Pargana (SPT) Act.

Both acts were formulated nearly five decades ago to protect the land rights of the tribals. The acts’ provisions include that the tribals cannot sell their land to non-tribals.

In reply to another question, Soren assured the assembly that the panchayat elections would be held before monsoon.

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