Sony gets Sukh By Chance


Sony TV launches for it’s another venture, Sukh By Chance with Hats Off production is the show which narrates a story of a middle class family who suddenly becomes rich with unexpected money. It consists of wonderful realistic comedy cum emotional family drama which will be experienced by audience from 10 November, every Monday to Thursday at 9:00 pm.

In the press conference of the show, Jamnadas Majethia (founder of Hats off production) said, “Amongst all the show, this show is very much close to my heart as it really makes me remember my childhood days, when I used to stay in a chawl.”

“But if you really see the spirit of Mehta family in the show then you will realize that Sukh is not by chance but by choice. Another thing to say is that this show is not at all influenced by the film Luck By Chance,” he added.

Sukh By Chance is the story of Mehta family which consist of three brothers, who stays in chawl some where in Bhuleshwar. The family comprised of Mohanlal Mehta (Sanjiv Jotangia) who is the eldest in the family believes that money earned only by hard means brings happiness and is married to Sarla Mehta (Bharti Patil). The second among the brother is Dhiraj Mehta who is hesitant and fearful husband to his controlling wife Kokila (Shreya More). Rajesh Mehta (Ujjwal Chopra) is the youngest among the three brothers, is very ambitious with his wife Rajni Mehta (Upasana Shukla).

Last but not the least is Tina Mehta (Ketkie), the adopted daughter of Dhiraj and Kokila who is the confused soul between her studies and marriage. The family lives in high spirits, even though they are not rich.

So watch how Mehta family as they get their Sukh By Chance from the coming week.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Media

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