Sonam changes her personality for ‘Mausam’

Mumbai, June 19 (Calcutta Tube) After playing the giddyheaded starry-eyed young lover-girl in all her films so far, including the about-to-be-released ‘I Hate Luv Storys’, actress Sonam Kapoor in ‘Mausam’ is all set to play a girl who evolves into a woman in the course of the movie.

Her clothes which are always a source of powerful on-screen personality-transference for her have been worked on at great lengths by designer Anamika Khanna.

And the result, says a member of the crew, is no less than devastating.

Apparently Sonam was initially reluctant to get into the mature mould.

‘She had reservations about being bracketed in the maturer mould so early in her career. In all her films so far from ‘Saawariya’ to ‘Thank You’, Sonam has played girls her own age and dressed accordingly in what she’s comfortable with. The Western clothes that’d transform her into a chic Delhi socialite in ‘Aisha’ are as much a part of her personality as the salwar-kameez that she wore in ‘Delhi 6′.’

Apparently Anamika, who has worked earlier with Sonam in ‘Delhi 6’, has been poring over the designs with Sonam trying to figure out what clothes she’s most comfortable in.

Shahid Kapoor, who needed to make a sartorial changeover to play the mature mellow lover in the later part of the film, has also been heard joking about how ‘Mausam’ has turned him and Sonam into overnight adult stars.

‘Mausam’ producer Sheetal Talwar said: ‘Shahid has sported the mature mellow look in ‘Jab We Met’. But for Sonam the transformation from girl to woman in ‘Mausam’ is a challenge. Before she left for Scotland, Sonam wanted to be completely comfortable in her new avatar.’

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