Sonal Chauhan takes to cooking!


Jannat famed Sonal Chauhan who hails from Delhi had some friends visiting her from the capital city. At a small get together for them at her home Sonal who hardly cooks ordered food from a restaurant. However when the food was delayed Sonal decided that she couldn’t keep her guests waiting any longer.

Says an irate Sonal “It was extremely irritating as we were waiting for almost two hours for the food to arrive, so instead of waiting I decided to take charge and make dinner for my guests.” She instantly made some pasta and along with that prepared a risotto.

Says a nervous Sonal “I had never cooked a meal earlier for anyone other than for myself so I was hoping my friends would like what I had cooked.” To her surprise all her friends enjoyed the pasta and risotto that she had prepared. So much so that even she was amazed at her own efforts. “Luckily they enjoyed the food I made and that made me very happy.” adds an ecstatic Sonal.

Ask her if she cooks food now since it was a success, and she says “After that day I realized the importance of knowing how to cook so I am planning to take up some cooking lessons from none other than my mom. She makes some fabulous dishes.”

-Sampurn Media

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