Sonakshi Sinha: endorsing ‘Provogue’, fashion designing, bikinis, item numbers

Sonakshi SinhaApril 15, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has been picked up by leading fashion apparel brand Provogue to endorse its women’s wear range. And why not! After all, she is being seen as Bollywood’s hottest star-in-making. The Dabangg actor in conversation with Sreya Basu

In Bollywood, an actor’s success is equated with the brand he/she promotes. You recently replaced Katrina (Kaif) in a soap brand, and now Provogue. So, do you consider yourself as the next-big-thing in terms of brand promotion?


I don’t think I have replaced anyone so as to say. I just filled up a space that was empty for a long while. And I am not complaining at all…I am getting good brands to be associated with, and very happy about that. I think this is the only way to go forward.


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You also bought a Provogue wear with your first pocket-money?

Not with my first pocket-money, but with my first earned money. I have always found Provogue very cool, confident, young and spunky. Everytime I look at the hoarding, I just get awestruck. The brand connects with the youth in a very big way. That’s what attracts me to Provogue.



Since you are endorsing Provogue’s Live Mad Spring/Summer collection, tell us what is a really mad thing you have done so far?

Really mad thing? Well, I studied fashion designing for three years before I realized that I want to be an actor and took up acting.



You had been a fashion designer. Have you given style tips to Salman Khan (during Dabang) or Akshay Kumar (now that you are doin Joker) with him?

The people I am working with are style icons in their own way. They don’t need my tips. But yes, I had styled Salman in one of his shoots.



Which one was that?

It was for Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar last year. But unfortunately he was topless. The shirt was on his shoulder…that was my idea.


Your first and second films are with Salman and Akshay respectively. Will it be tricky if I ask you to choose your style icon from the two of them?

Tricky, but I have to say Salman. From masses to the classes…everyone follows him. Whatever he does on-screen…right from tucking sunglasses on his back to wearing bracelets…becomes a style statement for a lot of youngsters…they imitate him blindly.


Have you ever tried to imitate any actor?

It was Sridevi.



What are the three things that Sonakshi Sinha will never endorse?

I think you all have already printed all that I will never endorse…no bikini, no kissing…all of that. (Laughs)



Are you scared of doing item numbers?

I am not scared of doing item numbers. The songs are really good that have been coming out. But it all depends on my comfort level. Even when I am doing stage shows, I wear what I am comfortable in and do moves that I am comfortable with.



You are doing Dabangg 2?

Yes. Arbaaz (Khan) is going to direct Dabangg 2. And it’s going to start January 2012.



What is your style statement?

My first film projected me as a very Indian girl…a village girl. But that will not happen in all my other films. Personally for me, I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I am a very urban girl. I like being casual, cool and spunky…I like to wear my torn jeans whenever I get the chance.



You once said you don’t want to be a part of the size zero brigade. But it seems, day by day you are nearing that shape only…


I have worked a lot on my figure, I still do…not to be a size-zero, but to remain fit.


Who do you think has the best size zero figure in Bollywood?

I think Kareena (Kapoor)…it’s she who started the trend of size zero.



When you become an over-night star, it becomes difficult to sustain that stardom. Do you agree?

I would have been scared if there was nothing for me to do after my first film. But I have been very blessed with the work that I am getting, in terms of films and endorsements. So I am living in the present. I want to do the work I have right now…and do them well.

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