Somnath Roy (Tattu) on music direction, RD Burman (Interview)

Somnath Roy-Music ComposerOct 8, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Composer Somnath Roy, better known as Tattu, is steadily making impression in the Indian music industry, especially after short film ‘Poor Scum’,  for which he did the back ground music and sound arrangements, won a trip to the Cannes Film Festival 2011. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught up with him for a quick chat. Excerpts.

What made you choose the career of a music director?

From my very childhood, I was very fond of listening to music. Creating a song or background music for a certain situation always fascinated me. By the time, when I was in 7th standard, I had already started to compose my own music. In fact, the song ‘Chandni Raat’ (album – Gulzaar) was composed in 9th standard in our chemistry lab. After giving my board exams, I decided to take up music as my career. I believe that there is some extreme or divine power that made me choose this career. And frankly speaking, I love my job.

How has creating jingles help you mature as a music director later?

Well, doing music in documentaries, commercials, short films, jingles etc helped me to mature day by day. After coming to Mumbai, 7 years back, I met with many film makers and started to work in different type of films. And most of them were short films. Even today I do music for all type of films as I feel they are very challenging. One of my latest short films ‘Poor Scum’, won a trip to Cannes. So short films are very close to my heart, actually. Through them, I am getting more experienced and seasoned, everyday.

Who is your inspiration in the world of music?

R.D. Burman and A.R.Rahman. I believe R.D. Burman is the king of melody and A.R.Rahman is the king of music arrangement. Apart from that I also like Hemant Kumar a lot. His music always haunts me. Madan Mohan, Khayyam, James Horner, all inspire me to make more and more good music.

Say something on your newly released albums? 

This year I have released quite a few albums / E.P / Singles.And some are ready for release. In February, I released my new ‘E.P.- ‘Gulzaar’  from – There are 3 tracks. All are basically love songs of different genres. In April, released my remix lounge album –‘Endless Journey’ from Fanel Records in Europe. In September, I have released two new albums – ‘Prem’  and ‘Tribute’ from Believe Digital and they are doing very good business in 240 countries, around the globe. Apart from that I have also collaborated with some most talented singers – Ranajay being one of them, and has released a  ‘Singles – Lonely Separation’.

How did ‘Poor Scum’ happen and how has it motivated your future career?

Well, Lokiish Todi (the director of the film ‘Poor Scum’) came to me in October 2010, regarding one of his films, but we couldn’t work together, as I already had some prior commitments. But we made sure, that we would work together on his next project. Around Dec 2010, he was ready with his next short film. He came to me and we had a huge discussion on the music of the film. In a couple of days time, I composed the scratch and we met once more and the music and Fx sounds were ready. And that’s how the music of today’s Poor Scum evolved.

After ‘Poor Scum’ won a trip to Cannes Film Festival,  I have signed agreements with three digital music companies – Hungama (India), Fanel Records (Europe) and Believe Digital (worldwide), to promote, distribute and sell my music, all around the globe.And to be very frank, they are doing very well in the world market.

Tell something on your future projects?

Recently I have collaborated with a lot of talented singers like Swastika Moitra, MunMun, Ranajay and finally I have joined hands with an international artist Adeeba Akhtar, a very talented singer from United States. Swastika is doing a cover song “I will always love you”. MunMun is doing a rock fusion folk song “Cry of Separation”. Both the Singles are going to be released in this month from Believe Digital, all over the world. I am working now on Adeeba-ji’s  project and we would very soon come up with an album of  8 songs. I would like all my fans and well wishers to keep an eye on my social networking sites to get the latest news and releases.

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