Some of the key statistics of Asian Games opening ceremony

Guangzhou, Nov 12 (IANS) The following are some of the key statistics related to the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Asian Games on Friday:

175,000: Haixinsha Island, known as the stage of the ceremony, covers 175,000 square kilometres. Its major construction has five parts – the Spectators Marshalling Area, the Spectator Seating, the Central Stage, the Fountain Area and the Eastern Support Area.

40,000 shots of fireworks are ready for the ceremony, covering at least five types including Fountain, Flower mines, Roman candle, Batteries and Celebration fireworks. 970 spots are set to launch fireworks.

26,916 seats are fixed on the main construction, added with 7,013 temporary ones, which means more than 30,000 spectators have got the chance to witness the sporting gala. It’s the first time that an Asiad opening ceremony has been moved out of the stadium.

45 floats in different colours participated in the Boat Parade, which starts at White Swan Bay and ends at the Haixinsha Island.

21 composers have composed music of 190 minutes for the ceremony.

14 rehearsal has been carried out for 14 months. The first collective rehearsal started in September 2010.

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