Solvent addiction concern Kolkatans, Rupa Ganguly at seminar

Kolkata, June 23 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Tollywood actor Rupa Ganguly joined other sections of the society to express her concern over growing solvent addiction in Kolkata. On Thursday (June 23, 2011) at a seminar organised by Bengal Chamber of Commerce(BCC) and Mukti Rehabilitation Centre eminent intellectuals and specialists from different fields including psychologists, professors deliberated on the ever tightening grip of solvent and drug addiction on the younger populace of the society.

BCC director P. Roy remarked, “It won’t be an exaggeration to call drug addiction one of the most significant social problems of the decade.”

Some of the major causes that were brought to the fore include peer pressure, need for acceptance and even impractical aspirations of the parents.

Rupa Ganguly voiced her worries on one of the causes by stating, “There is a problem with the aspirations of the parents.”

“What they couldn’t become their sons and daughters must become,” she added.

Several probable solutions, both at individual and social levels were discussed by each of the speakers and all of them reached a consensus that punishments are futile and only proper investigations and care could cure the core ailments giving birth to drug or solvent

Roy said, “The present situation is acute calling for immediate attention. We realized that taking the matter lightly or ignoring the problem won’t help.”

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Rupa Ganguly at Kolkata seminar on drug addiction

Photos Avishek Mitra/IBNS

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