Soham, Raima Sen attend Twinkle Twinkle Dancing Star in Mahua Bangla Channel

Tollywood Actress Raima Sen
Tollywood Actress Raima Sen

Kolkata, Sept 11, (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Tollywood heart-throb Dev with rising star Soham, gorgeous Raima Sen and choreographer Baba Yadav came together to shoot a special episode of the reality show Twinkle Twinkle Dancing Star being aired on Mahuaa Bangla channel. A gala time on Thursday night, as the set glittered with celebrities from Bengali film industry (Tollywood).

Sen, granddaughter of legendary actress Suchitra Sen, and Baba Yadav are the judges, while Soham is anchoring a show on television for the first time.

“Practically speaking, this is my first time as a judge in any reality show. So, I observe the performances as an audience and judge the kids on their energy level; but Baba look into their technical aspects of dancing,” Raima told IBNS.

When asked about the ill-effects of this kind of reality shows and the psychological effects on the kids, Raima said, reality shows not always harm the psychology of kids, but it often becomes a good platform for them to learn the techniques of choreography.

Soham in Kolkata
Soham in Kolkata

“But, parents should not force their children. They should be allowed to follow their own heart. Ami ja parini, ta amar meye korbe. Ar kono mane-e nai (there’s no point in thinking-what I could do, my daughter will do). This should not be the mentality. As dancing is a very entertaining subject, so the kids should enjoy what they do,” Raima said.

Admitting that acting is much easier than judging, Raima further said: “I hope this is the last time I am working on television. From now on, I will concentrate wholly on films.”

“As a lot of films are in the pipeline and there are some ready for release. Of them, Mirch, Nouka Dubi, Memories in March and Natobar Not Out are going to release this year,” she added.

On the other hand, Tollywood’s next superstar Soham has an opinion of his own.

“A bond of love has created within us. My bonding with the kids has become so strong that they are now like my brothers and sisters. I sometimes feel like crying, when some one gets eliminated. To me, anchoring is much tough a job than television acting, as you need to understand each and everyone’s emotion on the set,” Soham said.

Raima Sen-Soham and Baba Yadav
Raima Sen-Soham and Baba Yadav

But why is Soham not seen on the big screen for quite some time now?

“I really prefer to work on unique scripts. My last film Amanush was different, so will be the next. Scripting for my latest film is on its way and I am going to sit with it after the Durga Puja. Right now, I am in a complete pujo pujo amej, tai no kaj (in a mood to enjoy Puja, so no work)”, said Soham laughingly.

He also shared his Puja plans.

“I love to spend the whole time in my para (locality). And of course, pandal-hopping with friends is something I really look forward to,” the actor said

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