Soham-Bengali Film Actor about Prem Amar Bengali Film

Soham, the Bengali film actor and hero of Raj Chakraborty’s upcoming movie “Prem Amar” talks to CalcuttaTube from the St. Xaviers college during the shooting-break.

Soham-Bengali Film Actor talks about Prem Amar 2009 Bengali Film
Soham, the Bengali film actor and hero of Raj Chakraborty’s upcoming movie “Prem Amar” talks to CalcuttaTube from the St. Xaviers college during the shooting-break. Check out the exclusive interview with the humble actor Soham. CalcuttaTube wishes good luck to Soham and the Prem Amar team.

Soham-Bengali Superstar Interview
Soham-Bengali Superstar Interview

CalcuttaTube: Please share your experience working with director Raj Chakrabarty.
Soham: I have always wanted to work with Raj-da. And now since I got to work with him, it feels great. I am learning a lot from him and he is always there to guide and inspire us, too. He is a wonderful teacher. The environment at work is very casual and fun.

CalcuttaTube: Please tell us something about your role in the movie ‘Prem Amar’.
Soham: It is about a rowdy colony boy who has never been loved before. And when he gets attracted towards a girl, he becomes desparate to achieve her love by any means. It is an immensely bold and dynamic character marked with robust romanticism. It is a dream character with a lot of emotions and drama in it that a hero always looks forward to. I am thoroughly enjoying the role and trying to give it my best.

CalcuttaTube: ‘Prem Amar’ is going to be released just prior to the Durga Puja. Does the movie have any songs releated to the festival?
Soham:Yes, it does. The movie has a few Durga Puja scenes and a song related to the festival.

CalcuttaTube: We are having so many romantic and action movies these days. How do you think ‘Prem Amar’ is different from the other romantic movies?
Soham: It is true that we have a plethora of romantic and action movies these days. But director Raj Chakrabarty’s presentation of films is very unique. And to be honest, I did not have any ideas how different the film was going to be just from the script. The movie has a very unique presentation that is bound to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

CalcuttaTube: What are the other movies you are working in right now?
Soham: I am working in this movie right now and trying to give my best. Once I get this project done, I will take other projects.

CalcuttaTube: What are your planning to do during the Durga Puja this year?
Soham: I always love to spend the Durga Puja days in Kolkata. This year is not any exception. I will spend time with my family and friends during the puja days. I am not much for going outside Kolkata during the puja. I have a lot of fun with my friends.

CalcuttaTube: Let me ask a few questions for your fans. When is your birthday?
Soham: My birthday is March 4.

CalcuttaTube: What are your hobbies?
Soham: I love to listen to music. Kishore Kumar is my favorite singer. I also love to hang out with my friends. I am also fond of sports and play cricket.

CalcuttaTube: Please say something for your fans.
Soham: My sincere regards to all the elders. I hope to get everyone’s love and blessings to move forward in life. At the same time, I promise I would try to present my fans with better works.

Interview by Ankan Basu,
Write Up by: Shrabanti Basu

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  1. ami sobar movie dekhi sob kotai bhalo lage sobai nchai bhalo kaj korte amra amrai sobai k ek bhabe mene nite pari na

  2. jara bangla cinema niye xtrmly chintito and intellectual der mato bolen bangla cinema nijer identification hariyeche,4 their sake they must watch this movie at least once… ek kathai anobodyo…let it be performance wise or direction.Hat;s off Mr Raj Chakraborty,Mr Soham and Miss Payel.

  3. though not happy with the end,(why the hell Rabi didn’t die,if at all the girl has to die) but myself & my wife is in love with this movie.

  4. soham i like u very much.n i think ur da king of tollywood.jodi shah rukh khan bollywooder badshah hoi tahole tumi tollywooder badshAH

  5. Dear Sir,

    Your movei is Outstanding, Lovely and Very Touchable…
    Really I Love this movei Very Very Much and my best friend (pronoy mondol) also…

    Really sir it’s not a only movei it’s a original & real part of our life…

    keno na ajkl jekhane dekhchi keo bhalobasa-r sotti karer mane boje na…
    * Tumi keo k bhalobaso, O ono kao k bhalobasi jane na je se bhalo ya khrab shudu o ektu bhalo-2 kotha bollo r temi se oke bhalobaste lage..

    Kintu sotti Sir apnar movei ta Dekhe na mone khub khub bhalo lage..

    * I Love u So Much the entire Team of “Prem Amar”..

  6. Soham da,

    prothome tomeke best wishes for le haluwa le film ar jonno. ami tomar PREM AMAR film ta ankber dakheche r ami siliguri te thake tai ank kache theke film ta feel koreche. Ami ai film ar part-2
    PREM AMAR-2 SCRPIT LIKHECHE. Jodi akber tumi ai script ta tomar sathe share korar chance dao r jodi tomar valo lige nejeke anak ami vaggoban vabbo. Wish u all the for ur upcoming films.

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