SocialTwist strengthens position in online advertising market

Hyderabad, July 7 (IANS) SocialTwist, which develops tools that turn social media into social marketing, Wednesday announced that its Tell-a-Friend suite of products support 70,000 brands and has crossed three billion impressions.

Vijay Pullur, founder and CEO of SocialTwist, told a news conference that adoption of Tell-a-Friend suite of products was growing rapidly and SocialTwist was strengthening its position in the $54-billion online advertising and digital marketing space.

‘As more marketers share their messages digitally, they are turning to SocialTwist because of our wide range of social media sources,’ said Pullur.

The company also launched a promotional offer of Rs.10 per click for the Indian market while the average per click cost in the market is Rs.20. Brands can sign up for this service for Rs.20,000 and get a guaranteed 2,000 clicks.

SocialTwist also introduced a rewards programme. Vendors can reward customers with discount coupons for making a certain number of referrals.

With dramatic growth, Pramati Technologies, the Hyderabad-based product development company, recently spun off SocialTwist as an independent company to get a slice of the $54-billion online advertising market.

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