‘Singh Is Kinng 2’ ready to roll

Mumbai, July 3 (Calcutta Tube) Before the brand runs out of steam, Akshay Kumar has decided to run the next instalment of ‘Singh Is Kinng’.

Vipul Shah, who was in two minds, has decided to direct the sequel since Anees Bazmi seems too busy.

‘Yes, after much planning and plotting, and two years since the first film, we’ve finally cracked an idea that works. My writer Suresh Nair and I are happy with what we’ve come up with. And yes I’ll be directing the sequel,’ Vipul said.

Though Vipul is not willing to reveal much of the plot for the sequel at this juncture, it’s reliably learnt that the sequel would begin where the first ‘Singh Is Kinng’ trailed off, namely in Australia and then move to another country, apparently Canada which is Akshay’s second home.

Akshay’s haste to start ‘Singh Is Kinng 2’ has a root cause. While playing a ‘mona Sardar’ in ‘Patiala House’ in London last month, he was repeatedly asked by Sikh fans in Great Britain when they’d get to see him as Singh again.

Akshay immediately contacted Vipul from London and urged him to direct the sequel.

Says Akshay: ‘Yes, a lot of fans in the UK are eager to see us do a sequel to ‘Singh Is Kinng’. And I’ve asked Vipul to get on with it.’

There is only one hitch. Singh’s queen Katrina is completely booked till next year. And the sequel cannot be made without her.

Laughs Vipul: ‘She won’t let me or Akshay make it without her. We’ll just have to see how her dates are worked out.’

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