Singer Lady Gaga wants an oxygen tank in her dressing room

New York, Oct 8 (Calcutta Tube) Singer Lady Gaga always wants an oxygen tank in her dressing room, honey in her backstage area and different types of food every day of the week.

The ‘Paparazzi’ singer demands the breathing aid in her concert rider and also insists it is vital her personal backstage area is stocked with honey, according to documents issued to venues hosting her concerts, reports

The venue can also be in breach of contract if the star is not served dinner by 5 p.m. and she eats a different type of food every day of the week.

On Mondays, Gaga likes to have a barbecue night, while Tuesdays are set aside for Asian food and Mexican is the cuisine of choice on Wednesdays. Venues hosting the singer on Thursdays should serve her traditional American food, while Friday is carving night.

On Saturdays, she prefers a pasta bar and on Sundays she likes to sit down with a roast turkey dinner with all trimmings.

According to the documents, the eccentric singer also demands venue bars stop serving ice half an hour before she performs.

A warning reads: ‘Important: the distribution of ice at all bars within the building must cease no later than 30 minutes prior to Lady Gaga’s performance.’

It is also a requirement that venue staff must wear an ‘acceptable, recognisable uniform’, and warns that ‘plain t-shirts, dinner suits or plain suits’ are banned.

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