Singer Kumar Sanu: A song can cure a person (Interview)


September 18, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): Kumar Sanu, who went into the Guinness Book of World Records for singing 28 songs in a single day, was in town to launch his latest Durga puja album. IBNS correspondent Gourav Mukherjee catches up with the ‘Sansoon Ki Zaroorat Hai Jaise’ singer in Kolkata

Tell us something about your new album?

My latest pujo album “Keno Ele Na” is a veritable mine of songs–modern, classical, semi- classical to folk. This album has a distinct Bengali flavour to it. Now-a-days, not many good songs are composed. The standards are also on the decline.Melodious music and beautiful lyrics are just vanishing. So, I tried my best to evoke the past nostalgia through my latest album.

Any specific reason for naming the album “Keno Ele Na”?

“Keno Ele Na” was suggested by the whole team; a song from the album is also by that name. As for me, one of my favourite song also has a line Kelo Elo Na (laughs). So, I readily approved it.

Are there any more albums coming from Sanu’s stable?

Five albums are ready for release, of which “A Madhu Sandhya”, “Ramdhenu”, ”Shama Sangeet” are coming pretty soon.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B003LN1IHC” display=”inlinepost”]We don’t hear much of Sanu these days?

I am very choosy about the work I do. Then also, I am quite tied up with work these days. Right now I am composing for a film “Amrita” which has a lot regional music in it. I always loved regional songs. So it’s Tamil, Telegu, Nepali and Punjabi songs for now that’s keeping be busy. I sing more than three to four songs at a stretch daily.

Any particular genre of songs that you prefer?

Nothing such, I sing everything- Adhunik (modern), Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, Pankaj Mitra, Tarja and what not. But I don’t like songs whose lyrics are not soulful. To me, a song should give pleasure, satisfaction to the listener. It should be melodious and must have a story to tell. “Aaj kaal ta hoyena’ (Today’s songs don’t have all these things).
I feel a song can cure a person. Once, I received a mail from the Hong Kong Doctors Association that they are using song therapy for treating cancer patients. And “Jab koye baat bijar jaye” is one of the songs used for the treatment.

Any singer, composer who can fill the void or is living upto standards?

To me, Shaan, K.K, Shreya Ghoshal and the new comer Anyesha, are doing really well. However, very few are concentrating on melody. Arijit, Dhron, Arun, Firoz are some of the people, whom I prefer. They  have got talent and can bring back Bengal’s lost glory.

Why is there no Kumar Sanu judging reality shows?

I don’t like the concept of voting by public on recent reality shows. It often gets manipulated. That’s the reason why you don’t see much of Sanu as a judge. To me, a judge should have all the powers with himself when judging. But of course, I might volunteer to be one but it will be in Hindi shows…

Upcoming plans for Durga puja?

No plans for puja. I will be very busy throughout the festival. On ‘Panchami’, I will be performing for the Commonwealth Games (CWG) and also have a lot of shows lined up in Mumbai and other places.

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