Simran Lamba: I like Rabindranath Tagore’s paintings

December 1, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Experiments are a part of an artist’s life. He creates and recreates beautiful artworks with various mediums. Artist Simran KS Lamba, is one such experimenter who is all set to exhibit his unique paintings in coal tar and industrial waste in Kolkata. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught him up in an informal chat over his upcoming exhibition in the city and about his creations. Excerpts:

What uniqueness are you going to show to the art lovers of this city in your work?

My work is new and different; I am using unique mediums like coal tar, aluminium, metals, nuts, bolts, wires, mesh, gauge, glass and industrial waste. I adhere to the philosophy that nothing is wasted. It takes a long time to paint with these materials. Actually, I want to see how people react to my paintings. I want to show different techniques. My works are three dimensional, its a unique feature as well. Through the use of these unique mediums I want to show that beauty is everywhere, one just needs to have the eye.

What topics appeal to you the most when you sit down to paint?

Different things inspire me. From Gods to landscape, beetles, butterflies, decorations, abstract pieces, faces, the muse is as varied as the artists’ style of amalgamation of various mediums, forms and techniques..

Did you exhibit your paintings earlier?

I have showcased my paintings in various places. I debuted with a solo exhibition at the Indian Habitat Centre in Visual Arts Gallery in New Delhi. It was followed by an exhibition on invitation at the Goa Kala Academy in association with the South Asian Film Foundation during the South Asian Film Festival in Goa. I also exhibited at the Jahengir Art Gallery in Mumbai. I also participated in two group shows in New Delhi: “Monsoon Fiesta” and “Poetry in Frames”.

How was the response in those places?

I have received positive responses in all the places I mentioned. People have appreciated the medium.

And what kind of commercial response did you get at all the venues?

In Delhi, Goa and Mumbai, I got good commercial response. They (exhibitions) were commercially successful ones.

What will be the price range of your works displayed in Kolkata?

The price will vary from ten thousand rupees to three lakhs.

Which painter you do love the most?

I like Rabindranath Tagore’s paintings. There is certain mood in them. I also love the simplicity of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings.

Did you have any formal training in painting?

No, I am completely self-taught. I have a background in film-making. But I loved sketching right from my childhood. I did it continuously besides studying and other things.

Tell us something about your up-coming projects?

Currently I am working on my second body of work. I will play on lots of different works. I am working on a video film.

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