Siddharth Kak says Sambhav Kya


Siddharth Kak is back as a host in the new series called Sambhav Kya on 9X. The show is based on the similar lines of Mano Ya Na Mano and will also portray the scientific side to the paranormal things that takes place.

“Well you can also term that our show begins where the science ends. Science has certain tools and boundaries. We as human are use to see the four dimensions only but our show has tried to portray the other dimensions too,” says Siddharth.

Giving an example the host explains, “Fishes in water, for them it’s their world and they doesn’t believe that land or sky does exist. This is how we human are, according to our mindset what we see and believe is what exists, but there is a world beyond our knowledge and we will be taking our audience to that journey.”

Coming back to his hosting, he quips, “This is what I am most comfortable to do. Though this show is a bit challenging for me, because here I cannot be myself like in other shows, as I have to feel the story and narrate it too. There is lots of research, investigations involved in the show, which is exciting. I am sure it’s going to be a fascinating journey where mind takes over matter.”

“About believing in paranormal stuff for me either of the two are on extreme position as there are many things which are still unexplained in both the worlds. So nor do I believe or disbelieve in this science,” he concludes.

The show Sambhav Kya will be starting from 31 August Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm.

-Rachana Trivedi/ Sampurn Media

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