Shukno Lanka-Bengali Movie to have Mithun Chakroborty as junior artist

Kolkata, June 10 (Calcutta Tube) National Award winning versatile Indian actor Mithun Chakroborty will be seen portraying a junior artist in the Bengali movie ‘Shukno Lanka’ directed by Gaurav Pandey.

‘My role in ‘Shukno Lanka’ is very challenging. It has given me the rare opportunity to retrace my struggling days,’ said Mithun.

Mumbai Mantras Media Ltd, the makers of national award winning Bengali film ‘Antaheen’, is producing the movie that will be released simultaneously in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

‘Shukno Lanka’ is a journey about forgotten dreams. It is a story of fear, reconciliation and finally of living the magic called life.

Commenting on the film’s theme, director Gaurav Pandey said: ”Shukno Lanka’ is a celebration of the city Kolkata. It’s a city that has forgotten how to dream. ‘Shukno Lanka’ attempts to bring the dream back to Kolkata.’

1 thought on “Shukno Lanka-Bengali Movie to have Mithun Chakroborty as junior artist

  1. Mithunda, bravo! You are the best! as always:) Can’t waiting for this movie!!! Have seen the trailer: it’s fantastic, cool, amazing!

    Editors, please, give us more news and photos!!!

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