Shreyas Talpade playing Horror Film Click directed by Sangeeth Sivan

Touted as a spook, ‘Click’ directed by Sangeeth Sivan is all set to scare audience. But seems like before scaring the audience the film has already spooked its lead star Shreyas Talpade!

Starring Shreyas in pivotal role ‘Click’ is not the typical horror film has its share of horror stories to narrate too. ‘Click’ works more on the paranormal psychological level; where the spirit can be felt, long before the lights go off!

Shreyas too felt the chills when he was shooting for one of the scariest sequences of the film, Shreyas, in his first film of horror genre, almost had a near fatal accident.

Shooting in chilly winter with cold rain splashing against him, Shreyas had to fall off from third floor of a building. He was tied to harness and had to fall backward on a crash mat that was on the ground. But when the director started to shoot his assistant faltered a bit due to wrong timing and Shreyas toppled going upside down with his head, instead of back hitting the ground!

Feeling blood rush through his head Shreyas was free falling when the assistant who was zapped got to his senses in time to pull the harness seconds before Shreyas was to hit the floor!

Left suspended, inches from the ground, Shreyas could have had his neck snapped up! The whole unit heaved a sigh of relief and the director asked Shreyas if they could shoot with a body double, but Shreyas insisted that he would like to do it again, since he did not want to compromise on the expressions of the crucial shot.

After rehearsing the right technique of falling backward with body control and timing of releasing the harness and taking all precautions, Shreyas re-shot the scene only to give a perfect shot and made this scene a highlight of the film!

-Sampurn Wire

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