Showers cool Agra, wash the Taj

Agra, June 3 (Calcutta Tube) The Taj Mahal looked sparkling white after three brief spells of rain Thursday afternoon that brought down the temperature several notches and washed the dust off the marble wonder.

The maximum temperature in the city was recorded at 44 degrees Celsius Thursday, but came down to 38 degrees Celsius after the rains, the Met department said.

Due to the showers the city experienced traffic snarls at various points.

The morning was hazy and dust-laden with the westerlies from Rajasthan piling up dust on the white marble monument.

‘The Taj Mahal itself looked pale, but then the showers accompanied by thunder surprised us all. Soon there was more rain washing the dust off the marble monument,’ said hotelier Sandeep Arora.

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