Shocking- Jyoti reveals Brij was her past!


Viewers of Jyoti will very soon witness an interesting twist in the serial which is produced by Sphere Origins. After revealing the truth to Pankaj (Sarvar Ahuja) about her real sister Sushma (Shrinidhi Shetty), Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) is about to give Pankaj a second shock.

Pankaj takes Jyoti in a restaurant to celebrate their marriage anniversary where he gifts Jyoti a beautiful ring. Before accepting the gift Jyoti tells Pankaj that she has some important information to share with him. She tells him about the circumstances that made it necessary for her to introduce Sushma as their maid. She tells him that it was a big humiliation for her when her real sister was called a maid and asked to work in her house during her in-laws marriage anniversary.

Going into flashback she explains how Brij (Sameer Sharma) was associated with her and later he cheated and misleads Sushma. The situation went out of hand and with no option left with them they had to wed Sushma to Brij. However, the disloyal Brij dumped Sushma and left her in agony.

She wanted to tell Pankaj the truth about her past before their marriage but couldn’t do so as she didn’t want to hurt him. Everything was going fine till Brij re-entered their lives and very smartly made friends with Pankaj so as to be in touch with her (Jyoti). Jyoti goes on to tell Pankaj that Brij is actually not a good person and his main intention is pull out money by blackmailing her and also to take revenge of the insult done by her in past. Her family had also lodged a police complaint against him but during his arrest since they (Jyoti and Pankaj) reached the venue the situation went upside down. Jyoti also tells Pankaj that I was quite till now as the matter was with me and my family. But its high time now as Brij is getting involved in his (Pankaj’s) family matters too and she can’t handle it anymore so she thought of disclosing his truth to him.

-Sampurn Media

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