Shibaji (2008)

Shibaji (2008)

Shibaji (2008) - Prosenjit Chakraborty
Shibaji (2008) - Prosenjit Chakraborty

Director: Babu Roy
Cast: Prosenjit Chakraborty, Swastika, Tapas Pal, Shatabdi Roy, Ranjit Mullick and more.

Presented by: Kamakkhya Films 2000
Playback Singers: Kumar Shanu, Shreya Ghoshal, Alka Yagnik, Anik Dhar, Sumedha and Madhuchhanda
Cinematographer: Niranjan Das
Editing: Atish De Sarkar
Fight Composer: Ramu

Running in:
Darpana, Bharati, Mahua, Ellora (Behala), Chetna (Dum Dum), Narayani (Alambazar), Krishna (Baruipur), Shanti (Kadamtolla), Geetasree (Rajarhat), New Bijoli (Diamond Harbour), Kairi (Chinsurah), Kalika (Habra), Amtala Tks, Amala (Barrackpore), Swapna (Andul), Udayan (Sheoraphuli), Sangeeta (Krishnagar).


“Kolkatai Guru, Mahaguru Sobee ami” – says Prosenjit.
“Chottobelay Suru, Joubone Guru, Apnar Kache Maha Guru” – something close to this was a dislogue by Mithun Chakraborty in the film “Mahaguru”.

Tollywood is flooded with Prosenjit Films this year and some of them are good such as Khela but most of them are trashy films just like Shibaji. Well, Prosenjit is still considered the Hero No. 1 in Calcutta but our recent poll maked Mithun Chakraborty the best choice as a hero and Jeet competing well with Mithunda. Prosenjit is not even close to Jeet at all! But “Rakhe Hori Mare Ke”!

Shibaji is of course Prosenjit whose wife is raped and daughter killed. So, he becomes infamous and start his revenge with dark eye-glass and black shoes! Tapal Pal as a police officer looked better. He actually rapes and kills Prosenjit’s wife! . Shatabdi Roy paid some attention to her character. Ranjit Mullick was as good as before in his small role as a judge.
Shatabdi Roy paid some attention to her charector. Ranjit Mullick was as good as before in his small role as a judge.

Shibaji has nothing to offer other than violence and sex. It is a total waste of time. Also the film is full of item songs with ridiculous lyrics.

If you are not going to watch the film, you will not miss anything.

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3 thoughts on “Shibaji (2008)

  1. how could u say that proshenjeet is not close to jeet…how u could consider jeet as an actor….proshenjeet is more talented than jeet…he is the best…and he will be….what kind of acting do u want from him…he will give u what u want from him…but jeet is only for romantic movie….he is not fit for other movie except romance….but lets see how long he remains popular mostly in tollywood….because dev is back and more nice,more handsome,more …..than jeet….proshenjeet is really the boss..coz he knows the real meaning of acting…dont worry tollywood will be flooded with his film…his market will be like he had and now he is doing….king will always be on the top…i think bumba da willl lead the tollywood like amir and sharukh..this the fact..

  2. Sajal.
    I am not saying anything. I am analyzing the result of the Poll where till this morning Mithun has 284 points, Jeet 257, Prosenjit 106!

    Prosenjit is okie actor. He has been ruling Tollywood for decades. Now it is time for his retirement as a Hero.

    Kolkata is truly flooded with few good film by Prosenjit and numerous trashy films by him also.

    At this age, he should pick and choose good films. He has nothing to prove at this point.

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