Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004)

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004)

Director: Simon Cellan Jones
Writers: Allan Cubitt (writer), Arthur Conan Doyle (characters)
Release Date: 26 December 2004 (UK)
Genre: Drama | Mystery

Plot: A serial killer stalking the teen-aged daughters of the aristocracy brings Sherlock Holmes out of his drug-filled semi-retirement.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004)
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004)

Rupert Everett     …     Sherlock Holmes
Nicholas Palliser    …     Dr. Dunwoody
Neil Dudgeon    …     Lestrade
Ian Hart    …     Dr. Watson
Anne Carroll    …     Mrs. Hudson (as Anne Caroll)
Tamsin Egerton    …     Miranda Helhoughton
Perdita Weeks    …     Roberta Massingham
Jennifer Moule    …     Georgina Massingham
Eleanor David    …     Mary Pentney
John Cunningham    …     Bates
Michael Fassbender    …     Charles Allen
Jonathan Hyde    …     George Pentney
Gina Beck    …     Maid
Helen McCrory    …     Mrs. Vandeleur
Andrew Wisher    …     Constable (as Andy Wisher)


Calcutta Tube Review:
Sherlock Holmes is one of those literary characters based on whom several movies, TV serials, plays and dramas have been cast. As an admirer of the great detective, I have watched Sherlock Holmes‘ movies and TV serials played by different actors like from different countries all over the time. The ones that have left an everlasting effect on me are Basil Rathbone, Ronal Howard, Jeremy Bret. The first two have acted long in the past while the movies played by Jeremy Bret are comparatively recent. But all of them were unique in their own ways.

This is the first time I have watched Rupert Everett playing Sherlock Holmes, and personally I did not find anything special about him. He looked more like a regular movie hero than “Sherlock Holmes“.  All the sets, decorations and costume designing looked more modern than I had expected. All over the movie the use of thick dense “London Fog” appeared to be very artificial. The only scene that reminded me of Ronald Howard was when Everett, in a beard, took the disguise of a waiter.

The story itself is though pretty interesting and based on two identical twin brothers who happen to be sex maniacs. They choose elite class young girls with similar physique. The killings go on in a typical manner where the killer seducts his prey, and the latest victim is found dressed in previous ones’ costumes with silk stockings stuck in their mouth. Holmes is the only one who with his sharp intelligence deducts that the suspect has to have an identical twin. But however he had a hard time convincing his theory to Lestrade from Scotland Yard.

Unlike some other movies Homes is shown here to self poison him with cocaine. The story is a perfect combination of love, sex, seduction, desire and mystery.

Calcutta Tube Rating: 7/10

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