Shekhar Sen enacts solo act “Kabeer” in Kolkata

Shekhar Sen enacts Kabeer in Kolkata
Shekhar Sen enacts Kabeer in Kolkata

Kolkata, Jan 5 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Theatre is known for not only depicting the accepted culture but also sharing anecdotes for leading a healthy mind. As a part of World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality SREI Foundation organized a Solo – Act play, “Kabeer” by internationally acclaimed theatre personality, Shekhar Sen.

The play enacted by Sen was a master-piece of its own due to its uniqueness of presentation and added to this, the ‘Dohas’ of Kabeer mesmerized the audience completely.

The musical solo – act play depicts exciting life story of great reformist, poet and philosopher Kabeer. 600 years ago, this legendary saint challenged deep-rooted social evils ailing the society.

With 45 song sequences, this two hour long play unfolds making of this revolutionary social reformer who was discovered floating in a pond, on his day of birth, by a Muslim couple Neeru and Nima.

He grew in ancient holy city of Kashi amidst temples and mosques, only to discover deeply entrenched superstition propagated by religious leaders and priests. The play truly reflects influence of great saints like Guru Ramanand, Raidas, and Sheikh Fareed on Kabeer.

Touching enactment of Kabeer’s marriage with Loyee, meeting with Sikandar Shah Lodhi and other incidences underlines Shekhar’s sterling performance.

Sung in rich voice and supported by melodious music Kabeer’s poems, appropriately woven in the play, tenderly touch our soul. Mesmerized audience rediscovers Kabeer’s message of love and peace and religious harmony, a message that binds us together shedding religious hatred.

Shekhar Sen is a name today who has proved himself as a talented singer, music composer, lyricist and actor. To his credit, he has done more than 1000 shows all over the world, released more than 165 cassettes and CD’s as singer, composer and lyricist.

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