Shekhar Dutt: Need to promote economy class tourism

Kolkata, Dec 26, 2010 (Calcuytta Tune/IBNS): Budget tourists are essential for a flourishing tourism industry, Chattisgarh Governor Shekhar Dutt on the second day of the valedictory session of the Travel and Tourism seminar organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on here.

”India should woo more and more budget tourists, be it domestic or foreign, as they are essential and form the very base of tourism pyramid in any country,” said Dutt on Thursday.

Dutt also pointed out that there exists disparity among the states where performance on tourism front is concerned.

“We need to sort out why some states perform better than other states although the basic resource, people and culture almost remain the same. With such huge resource, wide and wild nature, historic places, arts and crafts and rich heritage—India has the set the stage ready to emerge as  one of the leading tourist places in the world,” Dutt added.

In 2010, India registered almost 5.2 million tourist arrival which is expected to almost double in the next year.

To unleash the huge potential in this emerging industry, synergy of various industries is required instead considering tourism a single industry in isolation. For sustainable growth of tourist traffic, the information provided to tourists, especially the qualitative ones, should be realistic and ideally we should offer what we promote, Dutt said.

Dutt, who chaired an Interactive session, organised by the ICC on the same day, has also discussed the huge investment opportunities lying untapped in Chattisgarh.

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