Sheetal Menon-Shweta Vijay to pay tribute to MJ

Sheetal Menon, Shweta Vijay to pay tribute to MJ.

Sheetal Menon-Shweta Vijay to pay tribute to MJ

Melvin Louis had the industry folks pouring down at St. Andrews Auditorium on Saturday, 22 August, 2009 to show their support for Annual Pulse Studio Show 2009 which also came with a double treat of the launch of his own dance company, Dance Inc.

Dazzling the show with their presence was the vivacious Sheetal Menon in a pink floral number and Shweta Vijay who raised temperatures when she entered. RJ Siddharth Kannan was seen in a casual brown jacket being his funny self. Also seen at the event were Vipasha Agrawal, Mukul Deora, Binal Trivedi, Geethu Mohandas, Soketu Parikh, cinematographer Rajiv Ravi and designer Rohit Verma.

Melvin organized the show this year with a noble cause, by associating Dance Inc. with “SPJ Sadhana School” for special children. A variety of dance styles were showcased, which were organized by 10 choreographers and 150 performers of all ages. While the rains drenched the city, making everybody run for cover, the show saw a blend of diverse dance cultures like hip-hop, contemporary, stomping, bollywood, belly dancing, jazz, salsa, tango and a whole host of others dance forms.

However, the show-stopper was the tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. There were also exceptional performances by the special children and choreographers.

Truly, a night to remember; such an extravaganza of dance can hardly be forgotten by Mumbaikars.


2 thoughts on “Sheetal Menon-Shweta Vijay to pay tribute to MJ

    1. Hiii Sheetal !
      Ravi here from Upanagar Nashik.
      Hope you remember us . We stay in Shanti Park next to Devi/Rajesh Nair.
      Feels really proud to see u going places !
      May GOD Bless and you shine ahead in your life

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