Shazahn Padamsee on Hindi film Housefull 2 (Interview)

Shazahn PadamseeBollywood actress Shazahn Padamsee has become the new hot-bod of Bollywood, With her bikini scene in Housefull 2. The actress talks about her role in the film. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.
You kissed Ranbir Kapoor in Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year and donned a bikini in Housefull 2. How comfortable are you with bold scenes and characters?
As you know, I am from the theatre and my dad (Alyque Padamsee) has always told me from the beginning that forget about everything, think  is there an interesting role for you to play. So whether it is a bold or an innocent character or whatever, as long as the character appeals to me and I think I can bring my uniqueness to it, I will go for it.
Do you think these days bold scenes are put to make the film more saleable?
It all depends on the film. If it’s aesthetically shot, then the scene adds to the film. Like in Housefull 2, I was wearing a bikini and shorts and it was so aesthetically shot that everybody said the scene was looking very cute. It has to suit you. If you have a good body, go and flaunt it.
How are you chalking your careergraph?
I am not strategically planning anything … that I will so this first, and then go to the next step. Whatever comes my way, I will accept it as long as I feel excited about the project.  I want to be careful while choosing a project so that I don’t have to regret anything in future.
So far, we have only seen you in multi-starrers. When can you see you in solo lead?
Everybody dreams to do solo lead and I too would love that to happen to me. I think there are people like me to whom things happen slowly.
Do you want to go back to theatres once again?
Let’s see. I would love to take out some time this year and do a play. I love doing theatre, I love acting on stage.
Taking about regret, do the rumours of your link-ups in media upset you?
Well, media is always intrusive. You go shopping somewhere or go to watch a movie, the next day it’s in the papers. But then, that’s a part and parcel of Bollywood industry. You got to take in the bad along with the good.
You were recently spotted at a book reading session of Neeta Shah’s Bollywood Striptease. Are you an avid book reader?
 I have been wanting to do something like this (book reading session) for a long time since I am from the theatre. I absolutely loved Neeta’s book Bollywood Striptease… she has done a fantastic job.
The book unfolds the muck that kills Bollywood dreams. How far can you relate to the book?
I do think there are a lot of similarities with me and Nikki (whose journey through the Bollywood maze is captured in the book). Like her, I am also from South Bombay. She leaves everything and comes to Bollywood to start a new life and all the struggles she faces, the character she meets  and the funny incidents she has … they are all very similar and I could relate to it. So I thought why not take part in this book reading session.

Going back to your bikini-bod, what do you do to maintain it?
I just go to the gym, am into kick-boxing and swimming.

Sreya Basu / Trans World Features (TWF)

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