Shaukeen (1981) Bollywood Film Review: Ashok Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Utpal Dutt

Shaukeen_(1982) Poster
Shaukeen_(1982) Poster

November 2, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Choudhury (Ashok Kumar), Jagdish (Utpal Dutt) and Inder Sen (A.K. Hangal) may be in their 60s, but that doesn’t mean they have to act like it: When Choudhury’s wife goes on a pilgrimage, the codgers decide to make a pilgrimage of their own — for ladies! But when their driver sets them up in a bungalow near his girlfriend’s house, little does the chauffeur guess that each of the old lechers will make a move on his gal — with hilarious results.

Cast and Crew:

  • Cast: Ashok Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Utpal Dutt, Rati Agnihotri, A.K Hangal.
  • Director: Basu Chatterji
  • Plot: * * * *
  • Cast Performance:   * * * * *
  • Sound Track:   * * *
  • Cinematography: * * *
  • Over all Rating: * * * *

Dadamoni, Basuda and MITHUNDA

[ReviewAZON display=”searchquery” query=”mithun chakraborty” count=”4″ category=”All” page=”1″ sort=”default”]Well its not everyday that Bollywood plans a suave sophisticated party and invites Mithun,Ashok kumar, A.K.hangal and Uptal Dutt along with Rati Agnihotri at her glamorous best, so I decided to gatecrash this great comic event and my man was I amused ,I laughed my head off and fell off the chair but thanks to god I still am blessed with my head and sustained no injury as my host saved the day ..

The host is an extremely talented Bollywood chef Basu Chatterjee and he makes the best dishes in Bollywood and this is almost like eating a really good three course gourmet meal and the ingredients are extremely talented and spicy too, and there are enough gags here for a comic series.

The plot concerns three old men who fall in love with the same nubile young mata hari look-alike Rati, who has a very handsome but penniless young beau [Mithun Chakraborty] chasing her around while the three oldies who are goldies as well, seem to be infatuated with her without her knowledge initially but later she shrewdly exploits their crush on her as only a woman can with tactics which will make a corpse burst out laughing.

The story revolves around the antics of the three musketeers of Bollywood who proceed with their misadventures along with the poor young man who is trying to fool them to make some money.

Anymore revelations will spoil the broth as there are too many good cooks here to intrigue even people who are not too hungry for stylish sophisticated comedies which Basuda made in his later days.

The movie does suffer from a lack of great soundtrack which is at best [by R. D BURMAN] only above average, compared to other Basuda movies but there are some good songs like jab ki koi kangna bole and the song sung by great dada moni in his own voice [Kishore Kumar was his younger brother] but the background score makes up for it and the cinematography is really good for an eighties movie, watch the swimming pool scene with Rati in a bikini and Mithunda in Speedos and then lets talk about who is sexy in today¢s generation of star kids.

Anyway Basuda made Baton Baton me and also Khatta Meetha which are equally good as comedies as were his friends, Hrishidas golmaal, Naram Garam and gulzars Angoor but Shaukeen is special as it combines the talents of five comic geniuses from Bengal and showcases them in a unique way to an ultimately hilarious ending.

This is not slapstick but great humorous cinema to be enjoyed again and again and if you are feeling morose take some laughter pills and I recommend this for now as every gourmet meal finishes off with a dessert or two and this dessert is actually five in numbers and four in stars.

The  movie is perfectly cast as the three old men headed by Ashok Kumar have a flair for comedy that is divine but Mithun is superb and his versatility as an actor here is unquestionable as he is equally good compared to the 3 giants and Rati looks an eyeful in her sexy attires without any cleavage displays and reveals a flare again for comic talent seen later in Juhi Chawala and Madhuri Dixit and before in Hema and Sridevi. But it belongs to Basuda, Dadamoni and Mithunda and that¢s how I justify my title.

Hope you agree .l et me know your opinions?
I thoroughly enjoyed this feisty party and was there for three hours or more and so did my family who accompanied me as it had a wonderfully apt environment unlike the sordid comedies of today as this is a suave sex comedy which even Hollywood would envy any day.

Let me say its inspired from Basudas own Chotisi Baat which was adapted from A SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS, and also has shades of the hilarious Victoria no 203 again with the immaculate actor Ashok Kumar who along with the helpless youth Mithun steal this cake and eat it too, much to the audiences delight.

A classy affair, which was successful at box office too, a rarity in Bollywood.
This review is as a tribute to Ashok Kumar and Mithunda too along with the host who was indeed a great Bollywood chef.

How about some good old vintage wine like Shaukeen?

By : Usman Khawaja

shaukeen-Bollywood Film
shaukeen-Bollywood Film

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