Shahrukh Khan surprised by his bride Gauri Khan


At a five-star hotel in Ahmadabad where Shahrukh Khan was present for a promotion event for ‘My Name Is Khan’, he was in for a shock. A 20 year old fan of his came there, dressed as a bride, who wanted to marry him.

She admitted that she had loved him since she was seven but couldn’t marry him as he was already married. SRK cleared the awkwardness in the air with his smile and went down on his knees to slip on the wedding ring on her finger that she had brought along. He sweetly said that this was their wedding’s rehearsal.

The girl is overjoyed and expresses that she will never take the ring off. She talked about how kind SRK was to even ask about her family.

Looks like the world has all kinds of fans, right?

-Sampurn Media

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