Shahid Kapoor to fly in F 16 for ‘Mausam’

Mumbai, Feb 4 (Calcutta Tube) After playing a bookie in ‘Kaminey’, now Shahid Kapoor will be seen as a pilot in ‘Mausam’ and the actor is excited about flying in an F 16 fighter jet for the role.

‘It is a huge honour and privilege and at the same time probably the coolest thing I’ve done yet in life… I am super excited about it,’ said Shahid in a statement.

Hollywood star Tom Cruise flew in a F 15 for his role in ‘Top Guns’.

‘Mausam’ is the directorial debut of his father, actor Pankaj Kapoor. The film stars Sonam Kapoor in the female lead and some parts have been shot in Scotland.

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  1. Mausam (season’s of Love), Directed by Pankaj Kapur and starring (his son) Shahid Kapur and Sonam Kapoor, could be facing a motion in the Scottish Parliament to have the film banned in a country where much of it was filmed.

    Cinergy Films, founded by Madhu Mentena and Sheetal Vinod Talwar, still owes around £200,000 (14.56M Indian Rupees) to over 200 film extras, production crew and small businesses for time, goods and services provided during the filming in Edinburgh six months after the shoot was completed.

    The film was initially funded through the Vistaar Religare Film Fund, part of Religare Enterprises Limited, headed by Sunil Godhwani, and is to be distributed by Eros International plc of London.

    Cinergy claim that they are “clarifying” invoices as a result of dishonest production managers in the UK but it has become clear that this has been a stalling tactic and Member’s of the Scottish Parliament are now being lobbied by angry constituents, who have had enough of the dishonest conduct of Cinergy, to have the film banned – Made in Scotland, Banned in Scotland.

    Filming started in June 2010 with the first payments to Extra’s and crew around 8 weeks after for the first period of filming in Edinburgh. Night shooting took place mid to late July and some 30 weeks later there is still no payment. Cinergy have promised to make various payment dates and missed them all.

    It is now certain that they are seeking to under pay what they had agreed or not pay at all. This film may have had the potential to bring Bollywood closer to Edinburgh and visa versa but it has proved to be a very dishonest production.

    Season’s of Love – Made in Scotland – Banned in Scotland – Mausam

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