Shahid-Genelia will spend night together in a car


They’re doing what no one has done before, and are doing it with a style never witnessed! Shahid and Genelia, the lead pair of UTV Motion Pictures upcoming film Chance Pe Dance have decided to up the ante for their contemporaries by promoting their film in a never-heard-of-this-before way.

Move over, inter-city visits and boring launch parties, this is beyond imagination! For who would have ever imagined that the lead pair of a film will spend a full night in a car to promote a film? And it’s not just one person in the car, but two! The gorgeous Genelia and the 8-pack Kapoor, who have brightened the screen with their crackling chemistry together, will now let all get up close and personal as they share their struggle stories with people minus the makeup and spot boy and frills of stardom!

Genelia and Shahid will be living out of their car for the whole night and will interact with the media through most of the night and early morning. But this is going to be an interaction like never before the usual hurried 10 minute bytes will be replaced by easy flowing conversation inside a not- so- easy- to- live- in car, minus deadlines, maybe on the bonnet or dickey of the car, with vada pavs and cutting chai for dinner and one can wake up to bun maska in the morning with these two.

The conversation is bound to reminiscent of old times not so long ago when Shahid and Genelia were themselves strugglers. And the media would even be able to watch them sleep in the cramped space!

Who would believe today that six years ago Shahid had been rejected continuously for two and a half years? And that he actually stayed in his car when he was in between rented accommodation or that Ken Ghosh, who eventually signed him up in his first film (and is also directing this film), had himself rejected Shahid for him being too thin! There are more such stories that this vibrant young couple will be sharing, from their tiny little second hand car that they will spend the night in. So pack your sweaters and track pant, its time for a sleepover with Shahid and Genelia- It’s not everyday that one gets such a chance.

-Sampurn Media

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