Shah Rukh Khan praises Anna Hazare fast

Mumbai, Aug 20 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has expressed his support for the anti-corruption movement by veteran social activist Anna Hazare, saying that it has helped bring the issue into focus.
Replying to a question on the campaign that has gripped India since the beginning of this week Khan, at a news conference said, “I think the cause is fantastic and it has been brought to the forefront.”
“The implementation, the parliamentarian aspects, the constitutional rules and laws needs to be give serious thought,” he added.
Self-styled Gandhian Hazare has been on a hunger strike since Tuesday, protesting the government’s “weak” draft of the anti-graft Lokpal Bill and spent three nights jail before being bending the government to permit him take his fast public.
The movement, which Hazare calls India’s second fight of Independence, has amassed thousands of supporters and put immense pressure on the government which has been severely flogged for its ham-handed handling of the issue.

2 thoughts on “Shah Rukh Khan praises Anna Hazare fast

  1. anna hazare is doing what the pepole of India should done from the time of independence i.e. say no to corruption. We the pepole are responsible for letting the currupt pepole grow. The act against corruption should be continuted till the world exist.

  2. Actually if we want to support annaji why only he is on the fast we also should keep the fast along with him that will give more pressure to govt after all it is our fight also other wise it will be like we are getting things on one shoulder only.

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