Shah Rukh Khan has assigned his faithful fan to create better films in Bollywood

Mumbai, Aug 26 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): Shah Rukh Khan has assigned his faithful fan following the job of creating ‘better’ films in the B-town.

Shahrukh tweeted: “thanx for half a dozen lakh followers. now that we have known each other for 6 months too, lets exchange a few ideas for better films.”

He not only asked for suggestions but also shared with his fans some of his ideas that may change the films in Bollywood for the better.
“i think its not the plots that are predictable…i think our screenplays are a bit hackneyed. maybe time for screenplay schools…or courses,” he posted.

“..and yes subtitles need to be better. many times i read the subtitles to my own film dialogues & get confused did i say that…no way,” SRK remarked.

Shahrukh also mentioned that he is interested to know about the ‘biopics’ of less-famed people who have interesting stories to share.

“i am also one for biopics…not only of very famous ppl…but of lesser known ppl who have interesting stories to share,” SRK posted.

Truly, the Badshah of Bollywood knows how to connect with his fans in his own ways.

Are you a SRK fan? Why wait, just shoot ideas and watch them grow into a film.

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