Shah Rukh Khan fighting Shiv Sena for My Name Is Khan release

Mumbai, Feb 6 (Calcutta Tube) Shiv Sena’s ire at Shah Rukh Khan seems to have come down as the superstar has been allowed to release his upcoming film ‘My Name Is Khan’ in ‘as many theatres’ he wants and the actor is glad the group understood his point on freedom of expression.

Shah Rukh was facing flak from the Shiv Sena for his comment that Pakistani cricket players be included in the third season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). He owns IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders.


His comment didn’t go down well with the Sena which sought an apology and threatened to stop the release of all his films in Mumbai starting with ‘My Name Is Khan’, due for releasing Feb 12.


‘I have only said what every Indian should. I stand by what I have said. I think there’s a bit of agenda and politics in all this,’ Shah Rukh told reporters here.


‘Often we film people find ourselves on the wrong side of politics. I don’t think the Sena went against my film because it has ‘Khan’ in the name. The good news is that I have just heard there will be no problems with my film,’ he added.


‘I am glad Sena could understand my point of view… I have a personal identity, but also a national identity… We are Indians, and my Indian identity makes me believe in certain things. I don’t hold any one responsible and I stand by what I have said,’ he said.


The actor also shared his family’s concern after the furore.


‘My daughter asked me over the phone if we’ll have to leave India,’ he said.


The actor returned here from visit to the US and Britain Saturday after promoting ‘My Name Is Khan’ with director Karan Johar and actress Kajol.


Considering the gravity of the situation and the circumstances, he and the actress came out separately from the airport. He was accompanied by a sea of police personnel as well as his own security guards. Johar left the airport premises separately.


The state government as well as the police here have promised full cover to cinema properties where ‘My Name Is Khan’ would be screened.


At the airport, Shah Rukh pointed out his proximity with the Thackeray family.


‘I will go meet Balasaheb if he calls me. He is a senior leader. I have gone in the past when he’s called me. I enjoy his company,’ he said.


He also spoke out in favour of Mumbai – a sensitive topic with the Shiv Sena.


‘I am what I am because of Mumbai. I want everyone in Mumbai to be happy. Why should we have this kind of stress? Let’s be patient and talk it out,’ he said.

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